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Vera Wang interview about her new brand of bubbly, PARTY prosecco

Designer Vera Wang Makes a Summer 2021 Party Great with a Tasty New Bubbly

Fashion designer Vera Wang knows a thing or two about festive occasions. She’s been designing wedding gowns, evening gowns and festive ready-to-wear outfits for celebrities and the rest of us for years. But now, she’s taking the idea of a chic party up a notch, with a new bubbly brand of the sparkling Italian wine prosecco called – wait for it – PARTY. Our correspondent Meredith Lepore shares what she learned during her interview with Vera Wang about her new brand of bubbly, PARTY prosecco, which sounds like the perfect drink for post-pandemic celebrations this summer 2021. Let’s pop the cork, people!

Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Truly Effective at Reducing Stress?

Is Lymphatic Massage Truly Effective at Reducing Stress?

Even in the best of times, most of us are always on the lookout for new effective ways to reduce our stress and increase our sense of wellbeing. And these are not the best of times! So we’ve been in search of new ways to take care of ourselves – mind, body and spirit – and we recently learned of a new technique. Lymphatic drainage therapeutic massage. What is it, how do you do it, does lymphatic drainage help with weight loss? Does lymphatic drainage really work? We know, we had all those questions, too. So we turned to Sarah Stabe, a licensed massage therapist at the luxury spa at L’Auberge de Sedona in Arizona, to give us the details. Here’s why lymphatic drainage massage delivers real benefits  and actually is effective at reducing stress. It’s a simple technique that can help boost our bodies – and restore our glow! 

how to find a face mask that is a perfect match for your skin tone

How to Find the Perfect Match for Your Skin in a Face Mask

.Necessity is the mother of invention, and if there’s any silver lining to this coronavirus era, it’s the stunning level of creativity that people in every field of endeavor are demonstrating. Add this to your list of one of the good things to come into the world in 2020: protective face masks that match every skin tone. Yep, consider these Fenty Beauty-inspired skin tone matching face masks the new makeup. Los Angeles-based designer Shami Oshun, 21, tells Dandelion Chandelier’s Jeanette Settembre how Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line inspired her to leverage fashion and tech to launch a line of  inclusive shades in protective face coverings during COVID-19. Here’s how to find the perfect match for your skin in a face mask, thanks to Shami Oshun’s line of inclusive nude masks.

our interview with Anna Deavere Smith on race in America for the premiere of Notes from the Field

Anna Deavere Smith on the Essence of the American Spirit

In the autumn of 2017, we sat down in Los Angeles for an interview with the brilliant artist Anna Deavere Smith to talk about Notes from the Field, race in America, and reasons for hope in turbulent times. Her wisdom, grace and prescience are astounding – her words are as relevant today as they were the day we spoke almost three years ago. Here are her essential and timeless insights on the beating heart of America, and the essence of the American spirit.