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How to Befriend a Billionaire in One Easy Step
Have you ever wondered how to become part of the inner circle of a wealthy and powerful person? Is it your dream to be part of the entourage that gets to hang out with someone who is successful, driven and brilliant, a true alpha type who might actually change the world? This role can be yours, and it does not require you to do anything illegal, unethical or even unseemly (although of course many people seem to attempt all of those things, with varying measures of success). All you have to do is become the goat. Or the pig. Let me explain.
A Glamorous Night on the town with the Broadway Crowd
When a certain kind of person dreams of luxury, and of New York, they dream of Broadway: neon-lit marquees, gorgeous gilded theaters, thick red velvet curtains, the best singing and acting in the world, the electricity of live performance, the intelligence and engagement of the audience members, the cacophony of sound emanating from Times Square and Restaurant Row. When I was a kid in Detroit, Broadway was emblematic of my hopes for the future: bright, bold, and irresistible.
Are Tattoos Really Subversive if Rich People Love Them?
Why do so many people love tattoos? Especially rich people, many of whom have tattoos? Tattoos are a core element of modern luxury now, embraced by everyone from street-style stars to runway models and many people in-between. How did the once-humble tattoo become so mainstream? And are tattoos still cool and subversive if everyone has one?
Are Rich People Happier Than Other People?
It’s probably apocryphal, but it is said that Ernest Hemingway told F. Scott Fitzgerald: “the rich are not like you and me.” Implying that the woes and satisfactions of the wealthy are beyond the comprehension of the rest of us. Which raises the question: are really rich people happier than everyone else? Or do they have problems and worries, but different ones than the hoi polloi?
Luxury Library: What to Read Now to be Perfectly Smart
We here at Dandelion Chandelier believe that one of life’s greatest luxuries is being in the middle of a really good book. Herewith – as the last official weekend of summer begins – are some works of fiction we’ve read recently that we think will take you to that luxurious place, whether you read them on your Kindle or by holding the volumes in your hands (which is our preferred method):
How Many Billionaires are there in the World?
In the midst of the usual Monday doom and gloom news reports, as we yawned from staying up too late to watch the Olympics, one headline in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal caught our attention here at Dandelion Chandelier. According to the consultants at Wealth-X, who are experts on people with net worth of $30 million or more, there are officially 2,473 billionaires in the world. That’s up by 6.4% from the prior year. In the world of luxury, that counts as important breaking news.
Dandelion Chandelier: Guide to the Best in Luxury and Tech
Another blog . . . seriously? Is this what the world needs right now? I know what you’re thinking. We’re all drowning in information. It comes at us like water from a fire hose, unrelentingly, dawn to dusk and then some. We’re soaking wet and our shoes are ruined. Not to mention our hair. Well, think of me as your Frette towel in this deluge. Or, if you like, your Hermes umbrella. (Umbrella – still one of the best Rihanna songs EVER. But I digress.)

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