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how to get ready holiday entertaining

How to Get Ready for Luxurious Holiday Entertaining

As the month of December arrives, many hosts and hostesses need to make an overnight transition from fall decor to winter holiday decorations. How to do that elegantly and easily? Our resident expert on interior design and home decor, Laurie Woods, has the answers. She’s sharing her insider tips on how to get your home ready for luxurious holiday entertaining.

why to drink rosé wine for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays

The Top Reasons You Should be Drinking Rosé This Holiday

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or any number of other holiday meals or parties, one of the pressing questions every year is what wine to serve. You can always go with the tried and true. But what about something different this year? We decided to go straight to the source. Our Food Editor Nicole Douillet has a surprising suggestion for your holiday events: rosé! It may represent the idea of endless summer – but you can happily drink rosé year-round. Here are the top reasons you can – and perhaps should – be drinking your favorite rosé this Thanksgiving, and throughout the holiday season.

the favorite sneaker of the rich and powerful are On Cloud shoes

The Favorite Sneaker of the Rich and Powerful Right Now

A true status signifier is often extremely subtle. A baseball cap from an exclusive club. A toiletry kit from first class on Emirates or Cathay Pacific. Or a humble sneaker that just happens to turn up on the feet of tech moguls from coast to coast. If you haven’t heard of the footwear brand On, then you might want to read up on it – because it’s the favorite sneaker of the rich and powerful right now.

the luxury experience of the new Nordstroms in New York City

Love the Luxury Experience of Nordstroms New York

Going retail shopping in New York City anytime soon? There are so many new luxury retail stores in town right now that an edit is in order. In our series “J+J Shop,” our intrepid correspondents Julie Chang Murphy and Jillian Tangen are doing the legwork so that you don’t have to. Recently, they took a trip to the new Nordstrom’s women’s store in Midtown. Here’s their report; the headline is that there’s lots to love about the luxury experience of Nordstrom’s women’s New York.

Richard Serra Equal sculpture Museum of Modern Art MoMA New York

Feeling The Weight of Richard Serra’s Equal at the MoMA

There’s a lot to see at the new Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. We’re sharing what we saw on our first visit after the museum reopened in fall 2019 after a major expansion, one exhibit at a time. After seeing Betye Saar: The Legends of Black Girl’s Window and David Tudor’s Rainforest V (variation 1), we popped in to spend a few minutes with Richard Serra’s monumental sculpture Equal (2015) at the new MoMA New York.