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Why Gucci’s New Diana Bag Hit Big This Summer in Luxury World

We all know that one of the litmus tests for whether or not one is truly a global icon is whether it takes a last name to identify you. Are you a one-word wonder, like Cher, Beyoncé, Oprah . . . or Diana? If so, your place in the pantheon is assured, sometimes for generations. And so it is with the late Princess Diana. Every generation “rediscovers” her appeal and the elements of her iconic fashion style. And tweaks it just a bit to make it their own. The latest example of this ongoing phenomenon is Gucci. This week, Alessandro Michele launched a new bag, the “Diana.” And within days it has become all anyone wants to talk about when it comes to accessories. Here’s what you need to know about why Gucci’s new Diana bag has hit it big this summer in the world of luxury accessories as an “it” designer handbag and tote. Should you get one, you ask? Um . . . yeah.

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Trees are the Hot New Design Element to Love in Luxury Architecture

Let’s face it: trees are having a moment. You’ve heard wellness experts extol the benefits of forest bathing. You’ve read about the intelligence and communication abilities of trees that were heretofore unknown. But why are trees are the hot new design element to love in luxury architecture? According to multiple publications, including the Wall Street Journal, trophy trees are the hot new 2021 design element in luxury architecture, inspiring plans (and generating enormous expenditures) for the best new residential real estate developments and homes of the wealthy. So if you’re looking for a sound investment that doesn’t involve cryptocurrency or a SPAC, here’s a new idea to consider. ‘Cause who needs an NFT when you can invest in a magnificent tree?

Best Photos of the Met’s Poignant “About Time” 2020 Fashion Exhibit

The first Monday in May 2021 has come and gone with no glamourous over-the-top Met Costume Institute Gala. Ugh! The good news is that this fall there will be a modified event. And the Mother of Them All is scheduled to return in May 2022. In the meantime, we’ve shared our favorite gowns from galas past. And now we’re sharing our best photos of the poignant and haunting “About Time: Fashion and Duration” 2020 exhibit at The Met in New York. Whether you saw it and want to relive it – or missed it due to the Great Lockdown – it was one of the most moving and beautiful of all. Here are some of highlights.