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Best new detox food programs for 2022 to cleanse mind and body, including smoothie cleanses, plant-based diet, intermittent fasting. 

Detox Food Programs in 2022 Best to Cleanse Body and Mind

The beginning of a new year or a new stage in your life is often a really good time to hit the “reset” button. Especially when it comes to what we eat. But what are the best ways to cleanse our bodies, and what are the best programs to help us detox and reset our bodies and minds? Our correspondent Natasha Marsh has interviewed nutritionists and dieticians about the best new tactics to try right now, including smoothie cleanses, the plant-based diet detox, intermittent fasting and more.

What is forest bathing? How to experience the natural luxury of forest bathing, which means gaining wellness by spending time in the woods

How To Experience The Natural Luxury Of Forest Bathing

What is forest bathing?  It’s said to be “the medicine of simply being in the forest. ” Developed in Japan during the 1980’s, the practice has become an important element of preventive health care and healing far beyond the nation’s borders. We decided to try it recently, and we’re all in. Here’s how to experience the natural luxury of forest bathing and its benefits.

15 Hangover Cures and Best Quick Remedies that Actually Work

There are still a few things in life that you cannot buy your way out of. One of them is a hangover. Even the most disciplined among us occasionally drink just a wee bit too much from time to time. Like say, on New Year’s Eve. Which triggers a search for an effective hangover cure the next day. Just to dream a little dream, we went in search of the ultimate remedies for a hangover. If money were no object, what are the best luxury hangover cures and fast headache remedies that actually work? Our experts weigh in on the most effective (and expensive) hangover cures right now, just in time for NYE and the holiday season.

2020 Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden. Photo Credit: Dandelion Chandelier.

Best Photos From the Holiday Train Show NYBG New York Botanical Garden

There’s whimsy, joy, playfulness and grandeur at the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) right now. And it’s all only a 20-minute train ride away from midtown Manhattan. Which is totally on-point, actually. ‘Cause we’re talking trains. Specifically, the annual Holiday Train Show at the NYBG. We visited recently, and we’re sharing photos and what you need to know before you visit the annual Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG), a must-see for families with kids. And those who love trains, or flowers, or the holidays. So basically, like, everyone. It’s a magical holiday experience that you really need to have – this year, more than ever. All aboard, let’s go!

NYBG Holiday Lights show 2020. Photo Credit: Dandelion Chandelier.

Photos of an Enchanted Visit to the Glow Show NYBG Holiday Lights

Everything’s aglow this December at the New York Botanical Garden. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly or utterly romantic night out under the stars, look no further. We visited the NYBG Glow holiday light show this weekend, and it was marvelous fun. We’re sharing our journal of photos of how to spend a most enchanted evening during a visit to the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) Holiday Lights Glow show this year.