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What are the Best Chic "Nap Dresses" To Buy Right Now?

What are the Best Chic “Nap Dresses” To Buy Right Now?

What is a nap dress, and why should you hurry out and get one (or two)? A red-hot fashion trend during the coronavirus lockdown, the nap – or “house” dress – remained a key fashion element straight through the summer. As fall arrives, their chic, comfortable and cozy allure is only growing. So, what are the best stylish designer “nap dresses” or house dresses to buy right now? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has curated a list of 15 of the best chic luxury nap dresses to buy right now.

How to Layer your Luxury Necklaces Like a Cool Girl

How to Layer your Luxury Necklaces Like a Cool Girl

You’ve seen this look for years, and yet you’ve never had the conjones to try it: the multi-strand, elegant disarray of several delicate necklaces worn all at once, and all layered just so. The Cool Girl Factor for this look is off the charts, in no small part because it looks effortless and nonchalant. And yet it appears to be really hard to execute. Like, what goes with what? How many is too many? Fear not, dear reader. Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is sharing the secrets of how to fashionably layer your luxury necklaces and wear multiple ones this season, with all the top fashion trends and combinations in layering. Cool.

the best luxury autumn bouquets to buy this season

The Best Luxury Autumn Bouquets to Buy This Season

What better way to welcome a new season than with fresh flowers? Especially fall flowers, with their vibrant hues. But where you can find the best luxury fall flowers online, whether to give as a gift or to order for your own home? Our  correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated our list of the best luxury autumn bouquets and floral arrangements to buy online this Fall season.