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The Best Luxury Gifts for Mother’s Day this Year

Ok, kids, it’s time. Yes, time to start shopping and planning for Mother’s Day this year. But what to give Mom, your Grandmom, your Mother-in-law, your Godmother, or that special person who has been like a mother to you? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has come up with a variety of gift ideas and options for Mother’s Day – from micro-luxuries to grand gestures, we’ve got the ultimate gift guide for Mom. These are the best luxury gifts for Mother’s Day this year.

fresh fun new ways to give flowers for valentine’s day

A gift of flowers is de rigueur for Valentine’s Day. And a red rose is traditionally the go-to bloom. Why give red roses on Valentine’s Day? Well, no sweetheart would be disappointed with a dozen long-stemmed red roses. It’s a very safe choice. But what if you want to do something new? Something bold, different, creative and more personal? We asked our expert ace floral artist Miko Akasaka for help. And she’s given us some fresh fun new ways to give flowers for Valentine’s Day this year. There are, in fact, beautiful and romantic alternatives to roses!

the new luxury scented candles perfect for bibliophiles

In the depths of winter, what could be better than curling up with a good book on a cold grey day? If you’re lucky enough to have a snow day, or a vacation day, and you want to surround yourself with the perfect conditions for a marathon winter’s read, you need a comfortable sofa or chair, a soft blanket and some thick socks. And how about adding a scented candle that smells like a library into the mix? We went in search of scented candles perfect for book lovers – fragrances ideal for a library, den, or cozy reading spot. Here are the luxury scented candles perfect for bibliophiles right now.