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The best luxury ruby jewelry for a July birthstone or 40th anniversary gift

The Best Luxury Takes on the July Birthstone: The Ruby

Seeking a gift for someone with a July birthday? You can’t go wrong with a lovely piece of jewelry in honor of the month of their birth. So, what are the best luxury takes on the July birthstone – the ruby – in fine and fashion jewelry right now? Here’s our edit of the best ruby cocktail rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and tiaras that would be perfect gifts for your July bae.

What makes a good host or hostess gift?

The Luxury Gift Guide: The Best for Host and Hostess

Many of us are venturing out in the coming weeks to visit dear friends and family members. And in many cases, we’re crashing at their homes. Which is all cool and good, as long as we arrive with a lovely and thoughtful gift in hand. To help ensure that we all get invited back, our correspondent Jullian Tangen has a curated list: our ultimate luxury gift guide of the best host and hostess gifts out there right now.

how to give the gift of a luxurious peony bouquet

How to Send the Gift of a Luxurious Peony Bouquet

It’s peony season! And it hasn’t come a moment too soon. Lots of people need a pick-me-up right now, and how better to raise someone’s spirits than with a gorgeous pink (or white, or maroon) bouquet? Like, does anyone not like peonies? But where can we find the best luxury bouquets of peonies to send right now as a gift? Here’s how to send the gift of a luxurious peony bouquet by mail with no hassle at all.