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3 Ways to Make Yourself Absolutely Indispensable at Work

3 Ways to Make Yourself Absolutely Indispensable at Work

The best piece of career advice we’ve ever received is this: “Make yourself indispensable. After that, you can do whatever you want.” That may be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but there’s a lot of truth and wisdom in there, too. If you want to keep your job – and climb the ladder to the top of the leadership pyramid – you need to be irreplaceable, mission critical, core to the operation. But how do you  do it? A group of experienced women and men in business share the secret of success: the 3 ways to make yourself absolutely indispensable at work. Life hack: this works at home, too.

What Defines Luxury Brand Power? Disappearing From Social like Bottega Veneta

What Defines Luxury Brand Power? Disappearing From Social

Have you heard? Of course you have, because for at least a few moments last week the fashion world was solely focused on a seminal 2021 event. No, not the D.C. insurrection. The Disappearance of Bottega Veneta from social media. Which got us to thinking: is mystery the new authenticity? Is a whisper the new shout? Is this a bad move or a boss move? Perhaps the new definition of luxury brand power is this: real power is when a brand is so strong it can disappear from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and other social media and still be the object of clamorous attention and intense desire. Political types, you might also want to take note.

astrology predictions and horoscopes for the year 2021 from an expert astrologer

An Expert Astrologer Shares What you Should Expect for 2021

There’s nothing wrong with looking to the stars for hope and insight – especially at a time like this! So, what does astrology have to say about 2021? Will it be a better year than 2020? What are the prospects in 2021 for each sign of the zodiac? If these questions are on your mind as the new year approaches, we’ve got answers. Expert astrologer Remy Ramirez shares what the celestial signs are saying in her horoscopes, and previews what to expect in the new year with her astrology predictions for 2021.