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Provocative Portraits Without People at the Whitney

A gallery within a larger exhibit at the Whitney Museum in New York two years ago has lingered in our minds ever since we saw it. It was entitled Portraits Without People, and we found it provocative. And profound. Because it raised an intriguing question: if someone wanted to capture your essential essence without showing any part of you, what would they paint (or photograph)? The books on your nightstand? Your running shoes? Your last Power Point presentation? What you ate this morning? Said another way: do our possessions define us? Are we what we buy? And if not, then what objects in our lives represent who we really are?

how to win when you’re the only woman in the room

Why is it still so hard to succeed in business if you’re a woman? Could it be in part because so many senior executive women are the only woman in the room? We’re talking about board rooms, executive meeting rooms, even break rooms. In such situations, how is the only woman treated? And how can she thrive, succeed, have real impact, and even advance professionally when she’s the only one? Here’s my take on how to win when you’re the only woman in the room. Just a few practical tips on how women can succeed in business. And what men can and should do to drive the success of female executives.