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how to travel the world with scandinavian style suitcase outerwear brands

The Best Luxury Brands to Travel in Scandinavian Style

Love Scandi style? Yes, we do too. And turns out that there are some really cool Scandinavian brands that make travel gear perfect for your next trip to the Nordics. We know it may be a while, but some day we’ll be free to roam again. And now, we’ll be ready! Our correspondent and expert on all things Scandinavian, Jillian Tangen, has curated a list of the best luxury Scandinavian travel and apparel brands, including suitcases, sunglasses, outerwear and more, so that you can travel the world in Scandinavian style the next time you head out. 

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The best beach books of summer 2020

What are the Best Beach Books of Summer 2020?

What are the best beach books of summer 2020? So many choices, and only a precious few weeks of summer. What to do? To lend a hand, we’ve rounded up the most-anticipated new releases since the last time we compiled a list of the best beach books. You might also enjoy the best books of 2019, most of which are now out in paperback. These are our picks for the best beach reads of summer 2020.

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fun spring entertaining serving pieces

Make Outdoor Entertaining Fun with Happy Serving Pieces

Planning an outdoor party (or 3 or 7) in the warm weather months this year? Here’s how to make spring and summer entertaining even more fun with the addition of happy and elegant serving pieces for your tabletop in the shape of fruit and vegetables. With shapes fresh from the farmer’s market, a fresh and elegant presentation is a cinch.

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the best poetry-themed movies, based on real-life and fictional poets and poems and those who turn to poems

The Best Poetry-Themed Movies to Watch Right Now

During this stay-at-home moment, everyone is searching for ways to stay calm and purposeful. Given that April is National Poetry Month, have you considered watching a movie featuring poetry? For a calming film marathon, our resident cineaste and English major Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of the best poetry-themed movies, based on real-life and fictional poets and poems and those who turn to poems for solace and inspiration. Further proof, if any was needed, that we should never underestimate the power of a great poem.

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the best boss jeans for working from home and virtual happy hours

What are The Best Jeans to Get the Job Done Like a Boss?

At the moment, we’re all spending a lot more time indoors than usual. As a result, it may be time for some new jeans. We’ve been assessing how to dress for #WFH like a boss, and also how to accessorize for all those virtual happy hours. We’ve shared ideas on chic lounge wear and slippers. But how about that most essential of all wardrobe staples, denim? What are the best jeans right now for working from home and virtual happy hour? Here’s how to up your designer jeans game with some chic new styles and timeless classics. These are the best jeans to get the job done like a boss.

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