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Welcome to the New Dandelion Chandelier

Today we are one! It’s our first birthday here at Dandelion Chandelier, and it seemed like the perfect time to reflect and renew. We have had so much fun this year. We hope you have, too. We want to thank everyone who has been vital to our success: our Bureau Chiefs, the Style Editor, the Sports Desk, the Staff Photographer, the Head of Research, our generous advisers, and our friends and family, especially Darling Larry. We appreciate your advice, your encouragement, and your unfailing belief in us. We’ve learned from you and been inspired by you, and we feel lucky to have you on our team. Most of all, we want to thank you, dear readers. We know how busy you are and how many options you have for spending your precious free time. Thank you for choosing to spend some of it with us. We’ll keep doing our best to ensure that it’s time well spent. As we start a new year, we’ve reorganized a bit, and we’re proud to unveil the new Dandelion …

Dandelion Chandelier: Guide to the Best in Luxury and Tech

Another blog . . . seriously? Is this what the world needs right now? I know what you’re thinking. We’re all drowning in information. It comes at us like water from a fire hose, unrelentingly, dawn to dusk and then some. We’re soaking wet and our shoes are ruined. Not to mention our hair. Well, think of me as your Frette towel in this deluge. Or, if you like, your Hermes umbrella. (Umbrella – still one of the best Rihanna songs EVER. But I digress.)