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the best investment pieces in designer luxury fashion apparel, accessories and fine jewelry

The Best Investments in Luxury Accessories and Apparel

Looking for something to invest in besides the stock market? Turns out that the best designer luxury fashion accessories – including fine jewelry – and apparel can be reasonably sound investment vehicles. But how to invest in luxury designer accessories, fine jewelry and fashion apparel in a smart and informed manner? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has done the research, and she’s sharing a list of the best investments for your money in the world of designer luxury fashion accessories, fine jewelry and apparel.

The Chic Statement Luxury Bags Perfect for This Summer

As the Great Lockdown begins to loosen up just a bit, suddenly we find ourselves in the mood for a new handbag. It’s been a long time since we’ve needed a statement bag, what with all the shelter-in-place-at-home mandates. But now, we say bring on the bright and bold luxury designer bags to greet the summer! Here’s our roundup of the chic statement designer luxury bags perfect for this summer 2020, including totes, clutches and cross-body bags.

what you need to know about consigning and shopping on the Real Real luxury resale online site

What You Need to Know about The RealReal Resale Site

Luxury consignment and resale sites are on fire right now. These vintage luxury merchandise sites – a core driver of the circular economy – were already growing rapidly. Now, with retail stores closed and shoppers at home with plenty of time to browse thanks to the coronavirus social distancing requirements, business is booming. So, what is it like to consign and buy from the luxury resale online site The Real Real (TRR)? Here’s what you need to know about the Real Real resale site. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen shares her insider insights on how The RealReal works, and how to successfully consign and shop on the online luxury resale site.