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best luxury gifts under $250

The Luxury Gift Guide: The Best Gifts under $250

What are the best luxury gifts to give when the budget is under $250 per person? While that amount won’t allow you to clean out your local luxury boutique, you’ll be able to find something marvelously luxurious. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of ideas and inspiration for birthdays, holidays, and “just because” gifts. Here’s our luxury gift guide of the best gifts under $250 for everyone on your list.

chic luxury gift guide best in brown and neutral colors

The Chic Luxury Gift Guide: The Best in Neutral Colors

Sometimes in the midst of a riot of color and sparkle, the best luxury gifts come in shades of brown. You know, one of the many delicious neutral colors that run the gamut from ivory to dark chocolate. If you have a gift recipient with a taste for understated luxury, then this gift guide is for you. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has curated a chic luxury gift guide of the best presents for every occasion, for everyone on your list, in a neutral color palette with rich shades of brown.