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the best luxury trains in the world including travel itineraries in Europe, Asia, Canada and the U.S.

7 Most Glamorous and Immersive Luxury Train Journeys

The experts predict that the golden age of train travel is returning this year. The romance of it, the slower pace, the potential for meeting new people – and in some cases, the lower carbon footprint – are all making trains a highly attractive way to travel on a luxury vacation. Of course, the current chaos at airports in this post-pandemic era is another compelling reason to ride the rails. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of 7 of the best, most glamorous luxury train journeys in the world, including travel itineraries in Europe, Asia, Canada and more.

where to vacation in July, here are the best luxury travel destinations places for adventure, romance, families and more.

10 Best Luxury Travel Destinations for Dream Vacation in July

Where will July take you? Where should it? What are the best luxury travel destinations in the month of July? You could visit a cosmopolitan city, view some wonderful art, stroll in the parks, and have your meals at chic outdoor cafes (we’re thinking Paris, New York, London and Berlin). Want something more bucolic? You could head to Provence for the lavender. Feeling the need for adrenaline-fueled adventures? You can follow the snow and ski in Chile, Argentina or New Zealand. Or head to Kenya for a safari followed by a beach idyll. And island life is at its perfect peak in many parts of the globe, so you could ditch your shoes and set up shop in the Seychelles, Corsica or Sardinia. It’s all waiting for you. It’s July!

The best tour companies and luxury destinations expert in safe travel for solo female travelers right now, including Iceland and Australia.

10 Tour Companies and Destinations Best for Solo Female Travelers

Sometimes when wanderlust strikes, we can’t find a travel companion. Or we don’t want one. That means solo travel, and sadly it’s still a different set of risk calculations for women than it is for men. But don’t let that discourage you! Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of 10 tour companies that are expert in safe solo travel, and the luxury destinations thought to be best for female travelers right now, including Iceland, Australia and Slovenia. Because the world can’t wait, and neither should we.

Great luxury travel destinations, best places to go with the guys on epic weekend trip, mancation, boys-only vacation or bachelor getaway.

The 8 Best Places to go with the Guys for Epic Weekend Trip

One of the greatest joys in life is just hanging out with your friends. And sometimes a guys’ weekend away is just what the doctor ordered. We’ve previously shared the best places for a luxurious Girl’s Trip. Now it’s your turn, dudes. But where to go on a weekend trip with your oldest and closest male friends? Also known as a mancation, boys-only trip or bachelor getaway, there are plenty of great luxury vacation destinations. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has rounded up the best places to go with the guys for an epic weekend trip right now.

the best most luxurious places for afternoon high tea in London, including Brown's, Sketch, Claridge's, the Goring and more.

16 Best Most Luxurious Places for Afternoon High Tea in London

We’re just gonna put it out there: scones, jam and clotted cream are among the best micro-luxuries available on Planet Earth right now. You feel us, right? If you’re lucky enough to be in London and you’re in search of a spot for luxury afternoon tea with friends (or on your own), the hardest part is going to be choosing where to go. Our correspondents Jillian Tangen and Meredith Lepore have collaborated on a list of some of the best most luxurious places for afternoon high tea in London, including Brown’s, Sketch Gallery, Claridge’s, the Goring and more.