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the best music playlist for the month of April

The Best Playlist for the Month of April This Year

New month, new music! Since so many of us are staying home at the moment, there’s really no excuse, people: spring cleaning awaits. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has created the perfect music playlist of what to listen to in the month of April, and the theme is music to motivate spring cleaning. To get your Marie Kondo on, just press play here. Dust bunnies, we’re coming for you . . . 

what to wear to spring chic in April 2020

What to Wear to be Spring Chic in the Month of April

Are you staring into your closet and wondering what to wear in April 2020, dear reader? We’ve got ideas and style inspiration on what to wear in April 2020 for working-from-home, daytime (socially distanced) walks, chilling on the weekend, virtual date night and even the spring break vacation we’re going on only in our dreams. Spoiler alert: think green.

what is the color that best captures the mood of April?

What is the Color that Perfectly Captures April?

Months tend to evoke certain colors and moods, at least in the parts of the world with four distinct seasons. Some are obvious, and some perhaps more subtle, or at least open to debate. What is the color of April? Dear reader, we think there are several ways to frame that question. Here are our thoughts on the color that best captures the mood of the month of April.

Top 10 Picks in the World of Luxury April 2019

Our Luxury Calendar provides a comprehensive overview of the top events unfolding around the world every month. Some are micro-luxuries (like a really good book) and others are on a grand, epic scale. As we polish off our research we always dream a little dream about the entries that most intrigue or excite us – the ones we most passionately want to be a part of. If schedules and money were no object, and we could do anything we like, here are our top picks in the world of luxury experiences and events in April 2019.