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Luxury Fashion Comes to Life at the New Neiman Marcus

Why shop retail? Well, sometimes its the best way to fully experience the craftsmanship and creativity required to design a fabulous dress. We were invited to the very first “Neiman Marcus Live” presentation at the brand’s dazzling new store at Hudson Yards in New York City. Fashion Director Ken Downing interviewed designer Zac Posen while the designer simultaneously demonstrated the fine art of draping. The result? Seeing luxury fashion come to life at the New York City Neiman Marcus. So. Much. Fun.

chimamanda ngozi adichie and foundrae celebrate freedom

A new limited edition “Freedom of Expression” medallion from luxury jeweler Foundrae will directly benefit free speech and the protection of journalists. Crafted in combination with award-winning novelist and essayist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, all proceeds from the sale of the $3,950 pendant will benefit PEN America. We were invited to the gala celebration to launch this wonderful collaboration. Here are the highlights. #freedomofexpression

Celebrating Black Fashion Designers You Need to Know Now

Who are the leading Black fashion designers you need to know now? We deliberately waited until Black History Month ended because we want to celebrate talented members of the African Diaspora all year, all the time! Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy profiles 9 top Black fashion designers. If you don’t know all of them already, dear reader, you need to know about them now. Happy shopping!