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how to re-sell luxury furniture

How to Re-Sell the Luxury Furniture You No Longer Need

Now that your spring cleaning is finally done, why not make some money? Your discarded “stuff” could be perfect for one of the best luxury home goods re-sale sites. You will, of course, also be contributing the growth of the circular economy and luxury sustainability efforts. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is sharing the facts on how to re-sell luxury furniture, home decor and objects that you no longer need.

best luxury outdoor furniture

What are Sources for the Best Luxury Outdoor Furniture?

Luxury outdoor living. Three little words that evoke a paradise of family and friends, a pool party, ice cold drinks and something delicious to eat fresh off the grill. If this is your idea of nirvana, we’re here to help. What are the best sources for luxury outdoor furniture? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has rounded up the best sources for luxury patio furniture, just in time for summer entertaining.