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What are the best earrings to wear with a face mask?

The Best Luxury Earrings Easy to Wear with a Face Mask

Now that face masks are the necessary new accessory for all of our away-from-home adventures, the fashion industry has exploded with options for fabulous designer face masks. Which raises a new fashion dilemma: what are the best luxury earrings easy to wear with a face mask? On a recent lunch with a dear friend who is in our bubble, we paired a face mask and danging earrings and spent way too much time fussing around and untangling them from the mask straps. To avoid that same annoying distraction, here are our picks for the best face mask-friendly designer luxury stud earrings.

What to wear with indigo blue in July 2020

What to Wear to be Summer Chic in the Month of July

Are you staring into your closet and wondering what to wear in July 2020, dear reader? We’ve got ideas and style inspiration on what to wear in July 2020 for working from home, working out, lounging around, maybe even taking a vacation and heading outdoors (in a socially-distant manner, of course). We even have the all-important face mask covered. Spoiler alert: in July, we’ve got the blues.

What are the best most stylish fun and eco-friendly luxury face masks right now?

What Are The Best Most Stylish New Luxury Face Masks?

The necessary new fashion accessory is the face mask, and there are new ones coming to market all the time. Some particularly chic citizens have a growing collection of them, so that they can color-coordinate them by day, and add some sparkle for the night. True fashion devotees are building entire face mask wardrobes. Are you in on this? Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the rundown on the best eco-friendly, most stylish and most fun new luxury face masks right now.