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Why “Gorpcore” May be the Best New 2021 Fashion Trend Yet

What is “Gorpcore,” and who is it for? The hot fashion trends for 2021 are becoming more clear, and most are the direct result of life during lockdown for COVID-19. From “ath-flow” to “gorpcore,” there’s a whole new way to dress for work and play right now. One of them is the confluence of camping and street style. Looks that go from the office to the Great Outdoors. Our correspondent Funto Omojola has done the research. And she’s sharing what you need to know about the “gorpcore” luxury fashion trend (also known as hikingcore and “camping chic”); top brands and expert stylist tips on how to wear gorpcore.

The Best-Dressed Players and Fashion Style We Love in the NFL

The Best-Dressed Players, and Fashion Style We Love, in the NFL

Forget about who wins Super Bowl LV! Even more than we care who wins the Puppy Bowl this year, we’re interested in who wins the NFL red carpet in 2021. The NBA rightfully holds first place in the fashion and style competition – but the NFL has a few real contenders. Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is sharing our take on the best-dressed NFL football players – with the most fashion and style off the field – right now. And just wait until the Draft begins! From what we’ve seen, the next generation in the NFL knows how to rock fashion trends almost as well as their friends in the NBA.

What to Wear for a Fantastic 2021 Super Bowl Party

What to Wear for a Fantastic 2021 Super Bowl Party

Can you still have fun getting dressed for the Super Bowl this year, given all the COVID-19 restrictions? Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally a national party day, with food, friends, family and football. But this year, parties may be on Zoom if they happen at all. Is there any joy to be had in the run-up to Game Day? Oh, yes. Our ace correspondent Meredith Lepore has talked to the experts, and she’s got the download. Here’s what influencers are sharing as advice on what to wear to a 2021 Super Bowl party, whether on Zoom or in person, as cute outfits for Game Day this year.