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best luxury home security

how to protect yourself and your luxury home like a boss

Wealthy people can be . . . well, a bit paranoid when it comes to personal security. We’ve heard moguls boast of secret properties in New Zealand to which they will flee when the [fill in the blank] apocalypse arrives. But putting aside those perhaps unwarranted concerns, how do people of reasonable means protect themselves, their families and their property? What are the best luxury home security devices and technology right now? Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy breaks it down for us. Here’s how to protect yourself and your luxury home like a boss.

How to find household staff for a luxury home

How to Find the Best Household Staff for a Luxury Home

Wondering how to find the best household staff for a luxury home? About how many household staff members are needed for a properly-functioning mansion or estate? Need to know the best domestic staffing agencies? What about the other expert tips to know before you embark on finding your household staff? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has all the answers.   

luxury gifts for calming and relaxing

The Luxury Gift Guide: Best for Calming and Relaxing

In a life full of adventure and challenge, sometimes the best luxury gift of all is peace and tranquility. If you’re in search of a gift for the over-stressed, our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum is on the case. Whether you’re looking to give a micro-luxury, or to make a grand gesture, it’s all here. Have a look at our chill luxury gift guide for the best calming and relaxing presents right now.

inspiring quotes graduation speeches

inspiring quotes: the best graduation speeches this year

Some of the happiest moments of spring are at graduation ceremonies. And hearing the commencement speeches that come along with them. Done well, these remarks speak to all of us, and echo well beyond the campuses on which they are delivered. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has compiled a list of inspiring quotes from the best graduation speeches this year. Enjoy!

plane reading list before visiting london

Selected Reads to Unlock the True Spirit of London

You’re going to London. Maybe for the first time. Maybe for the hundredth time. What to read before visiting London? If you have time, of course, you can read the collected works of Charles Dickens. But in case you’re just looking for some quick reads on the plane, we’ve got you. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenberg shares our selected reads to unlock the true spirit of London. They’re the best books for a business trip to London. And even better as preparation for a vacation there.