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Is the Cottagecore Aesthetic the New Hygge?

Is the Cottagecore Aesthetic the New Hygge?

What is cottagecore? We read an article recently in the New York Times about a cozy aesthetic that focuses on warmth, gentleness, sustainability and nature. And it’s not hygge. Cottagecore – and its close cousins farmcore, dirtcore, honeycore and grandmacore – is the latest anxiety-reducing, slow living movement to consider as the antidote to our current frenzied existence. Intrigued? Here’s what you need to know about cottagecore, and the essential elements that comprise this trending aesthetic. Watch your back,hygge.

Mikimoto x Comme des Garçons

Pearls Are Now for Men, too, Thanks to a New Luxury Line

Are pearls passé ? Not even close, dear reader. We’ve previously written about how to wear pearls in a way that’s fresh and modern.  Now comes word of Mikimoto x Comme des Garçons, a luxury capsule collaboration on a new unisex collection of pearl necklaces. Not only can cool girls rock pearls – in case anyone was wondering, anyone can. In fact, one of the prominent fashion trends for spring-summer 2020 is men wearing pearls. Here’s a peek at the new collaboration from two prominent Japanese luxury brands to create modern gender-neutral luxury pearls for men (and women).

the best new luxury travel technology this year

The Best New Luxury Travel Technology This Year

What are the top trends in travel tech for 2020? After all, it’s a new year, which means new destinations. For some, that’s thrilling. For others, it’s a bit of a grind. Whether you’re on Team Go or Team Tired, the good news is that there’s new luxury travel technology this year that will make any journey just a bit more efficient. And more fun. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy breaks down the top trends and the best new luxury travel technology, including smart suitcases, sleep and sound tech, language translation and photography gadgets.

the top 10 luxury tech products and services from the past decade

Our Picks for the Best New Luxury Tech of the Decade

In a decade of head-spinning, rapid and deeply transformational technological advances, which of the many new products, services and tech gadgets merit addition to the top 10 list of the best new tech innovations of the decade? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has compiled our picks of the 10 best new luxury tech innovations of the past decade.