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If you're wondering where to vacation in June, here are the best luxury travel destinations places for adventure, romance, families and more.

10 Best Luxury Travel Destinations for Dream Vacation in June

What are the best luxury vacation destinations in the month of June? So many great choices, so little time. It’s the start of summer, school’s out, the days are longer and the weather is fine in lots of stunning locales. The summer pop music, dance, jazz, and classical seasons are in full swing. There are baseball games, mountain hikes, art fairs and luxury cruises on tap. If you’re wondering where to go on vacation in the month  of June, here are 10 of the best luxury travel destinations in the world, with places for adventure, romance, families and more.

Author Lawrence Otis Graham shares a black experience culture guide to the best of Martha's Vineyard for African-American and all families.

The Ultimate Black Culture Guide to the Best of Martha’s Vineyard

Editor’s note: First published in June 2019. Martha’s Vineyard is well-known as the summer home of the black elite. But really, it’s the summer of home of black heritage, black excellence, and black friends and family. If you’re planning to visit Martha’s Vineyard this summer, what are the best places to see, stay, and dine on the island? Especially if you’re seeking the iconic black experience on Martha’s Vineyard that African-American families have had since the late 1890’s? We went straight to the expert. Author of Our Kind of People, Lawrence Otis Graham, shares the ultimate Black and African-American culture guide to the best of Martha’s Vineyard for families, first-time visitors and more.