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The best new luxury fragrance jewelry scented tattoos and wearable perfume

The Cool New Luxury Wearables are in the Fragrance Aisle

You’ve heard of luxury fitness wearables to track your movement, heart rate and the like. But how about wearable perfume, “visual fragrance,” the scented tattoo and fragrance jewelry? Turns out the cool new luxury wearables are in the fragrance aisle. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has followed the scent, and here are the best luxury brands in wearable fragrance.

the best luxury shopping in New York City

Where is the Best Luxury Shopping in New York?

Whether for Fashion Week, the holidays or a summer vacation, you may be heading to New York City soon. And you may, at some point, be in the mood to shop. So where is the best luxury shopping in New York? Here are our insider tips on the top 5 luxury shopping districts in Manhattan that we think you’ll love. And the specific stores you should check out if you go. Consider it your trusted guide to luxury shopping in Manhattan.

Adventures at the Pat McGrath Mothership in London

Pat McGrath Labs launched with a great deal of fanfare in 2015. Now, the Mothership has landed in London. Exclusively at Selfridge’s, it’s a playground of bright shiny objects and makeup colors for all. We visited on a recent trip to London, and here’s what we saw. It’s our photo journal of our excellent adventures at the Pat McGrath Mothership in London.

The Best Films about Luxury Fashion

Fashion and film are the perfect pair. They meet in runway shows, at film festivals and on Hollywood red carpets. But our favorite mind-meld between fashion and film is in movies about luxury fashion designers, fashion models, fashion magazines and shopping. Our film expert and correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum shares our list of the best films about luxury fashion.