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The best luxury apres-ski looks this year

The Best Luxury Looks for Après-Ski This Year

Team Snow, look alive! This one is for you. As much as we love to ski and snowboard (and as you know, we really do), the sweetest part of a ski weekend can be après-ski. When we ask friends about the best places in the world to ski, part of the conversation is always about what there is do after everyone comes off the mountain. Which leads us to an even more pressing question: what to wear après-ski? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has come to our rescue with her style tips on the the best luxury looks for après-ski this year.

the trending luxury designer brands that you need to know this fall

The Luxury Brands You Need to Know About This Fall

Fall designer fashions are hitting stores and e-commerce sites right now. What’s new – or at least still a bit under the radar – that you should know about for fall-winter 2019? Well, for sure there are several female-led luxury fashion brands on the rise about which we’re excited that you may not yet know about. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has an overview of the 10 trending luxury fashion brands you need to know about in fall 2019.

tartan plaid is trending, and here are some of the best

Tartan plaid, like leopard, is one of those fashion elements that never really goes away. Especially at this time of year, when the temperatures drop, and the holidays are on the horizon. But this year, for some reason, designer brands are showing more tartan than we remember seeing in quite some time. It’s never been a big part of our wardrobe, but all of a sudden, we’re kind of craving it.

Love leopard prints? Here are some of the best

We love leopard prints. We can’t remember anything we’ve ever bought that was a leopard print that we regret buying (and like so many, we’ve had plenty of buyer’s remorse through the years when it comes to fashion). For some reason, animal prints – especially leopard print – never go out of style. So you can wear a favorite piece a lot, or a little, for years and years, and you’ll always be both trendy and timeless. How great is that? Leopard prints are ubiquitous for fall-winter 2018-19, making it a perfect time to invest in a piece or two.

Luxury Lessons: How to Wear White Boots like a Cool Girl

You know all of the essential fall/winter 2017 luxury trends: the must-have coats, jackets, shoes, boots, handbags, day wear and jewelry. You can name-check the “it” pieces: the white boot, the sock boot, the vinyl trench coat, mismatched earrings, velvet and the fur handbag. So what’s the problem? Well, for many people the idea of wearing any one of these trends in real life – let alone more than one – can be intimidating.  Raise your hand if you were a cool kid in high school, always on, always with the right look, and never trying too hard. Hmm. Not many hands in the air. We feel you. Fashion is hard. If it were easy, everyone would look fantastic all the time. But never fear. Our Dandelion Chandelier global Style Council has convened to talk you through the big fall/winter 2017 trends, and how to make them work in your actual life, with your existing wardrobe. No fashion-school jargon, and no showing off: just some practical tips to have you looking chic in seconds. It’s …