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10 Great Places Right Now to Learn to Knit or Crochet
If you haven't already, it's definitely time to get crafty. The trend toward all things handmade, homespun, and reminiscent of childhood has been going strong for a while now (remember last summer's friendship bracelet craze?) This is the Summer of Crochet, and honestly, we're hooked. If you're wondering where to go to learn, our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of 10 great places, including both at home online and in-person classes in New York and Washington D.C., where you can learn to knit or crochet right now.
Urban Chicken Keeping like Meghan May be the New 2021 Thing
While for the Lunar New Year, this is officially the Year of the Ox, in popular culture it's definitely the Year of the Chicken. There were so many buzzy elements of the Oprah Winfrey interview with Price Harry and Meghan Markle - the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. We've previously reported on Meghan's chic maternity fashion. Now we turn our attention to the chickens. And investigate why urban chicken keeping, like Meghan and Harry, may be another hot new 2021 trend.
The 10 Secrets of a Truly Valuable Classic Car Collection
Are you seriously considering - or actually planning - on building a valuable personal classic car collection? That's a luxury dream shared by many, and if you're ready to get serious, we've got some information that we think will be helpful. Our correspondent Tomas White has done the research, and he's sharing the top 10 secrets of how to build a truly valuable classic car collection, including what to buy, maintenance, storage and more.
The Best Jigsaw Puzzles to Gift this Holiday
Puzzle season is here! Longer nights, holiday weekends, and the imperative to reduce screen time all conspire to make this time of year the perfect moment for a jigsaw puzzle or two. Earlier in the year there was a shortage of them, thanks to the Great Lockdown. The good news is that right now there are some gorgeous jigsaw puzzles on offer - but don't wait too long to snag yours. Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated our guide on what to give to the puzzle lover on your list, with the best most beautiful luxury jigsaw puzzles to gift this holiday season, some with a Christmas, snow or winter theme.
The Board Games so Stunning They Double as Home Decor
As the days of #StayHome continue on their meandering path, lots of people are turning to the Old School amusements that our grandparents once loved. Puzzles, coloring, knitting, baking, cross-stitching and more. You can add board games to that list, too. While there are lots of inexpensive and fun family board games from which to choose, we decided instead to dream a little dream. Here's our curated list of the best luxury board games and board game sets, including chess, checkers, backgammon, poker and dominos - and they're so beautiful that they can double as stunning home or office decor. Game on!
Coloring to Calm with These Stunning Books for Adults
Along with baking, jigsaw puzzles, knitting, board games and quilting, the art of the beautiful coloring book is experiencing an even greater Renaissance during this era of stay-at-home and social distancing than it was before. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a selection of the best calming coloring books for adults right now, including stunning and sophisticated books on fashion, travel, popular television shows, flowers, and interior design. Pencils ready?
See Luxury In a New Light with: Trent Preszler
The Dandelion Chandelier Luminary Café is the place to find a series of personal interviews with fascinating people who are stellar achievers in their chosen field of endeavor. Our Luminaries are sharing their origin stories, life philosophies, secret songs, guilty pleasures and hidden talents. It's guaranteed to be illuminating.  First up? Trent Preszler, CEO of Bedell Cellars and Founder and Owner of Preszler Woodshop.

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Join our community! For access to insider ideas and information on the world of luxury, sign up for our Dandelion Chandelier newsletter. 

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