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ncaa collage football preview 2019

what you need to know about NCAA college football 2019

Back to school, back to college football. If you’re in search of the top headlines you should know heading into the new college football season, we’re here to help. We’re sharing four key talking points for the NCAA college football 2019 season. In our annual report, our ace correspondent Vincent Thomas is sharing our preview of what you need to know about NCAA college football 2019.

best hotels in college and university towns

The Best Hotels in College and University Towns

Whether you’re planning a college tour, returning to campus for a big reunion or the big game, or even taking a business trip or a getaway vacation, the choices for chic hotels in college and university towns have never been better. Here’s our list of the best hotels in college and university towns in the US (plus a couple in the UK).

The Best Ways To Upgrade Your Dorm Room Decor This Year

The new school year is underway: you’ve picked your classes, been to a tailgate and a football game or two, and maybe you’re even sporting some new fall wardrobe items.  But how are you feeling about your dorm room decor? If you’re like us, you bought or borrowed a bunch of used stuff from other students, friends, or family members. Which is totally fine. But if you’re feeling the need for an upgrade, fear not. It’s fine to live in a space for a couple of weeks, see what’s working for you (and your roommate), and then adjust. If you’re a few weeks into the semester and already ready to redecorate, we got you.