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What Color Palette Best Captures the Wintry Spirit of January?

Months tend to evoke certain colors and moods, at least in the parts of the world with four distinct seasons. Some are obvious, and some perhaps more subtle, or at least open to debate. We like letting the color palette of the month help us decide what to wear – and sometimes even how to refresh our home décor. It can even guide us to the perfect tabletop look for a dinner party. So, what color palette and aesthetic best capture the wintry spirit of January? Well, dear reader, there are at least three ways to frame that question.

Our luxury gift guide of the best in soft, muted colors this holiday season

Holiday Gift Shop 2021: The 12 Best Ideas in Chic Sophisticated Colors

Sometimes the ultimate luxury gift comes in the color that our gift recipients love most. If someone on your list has a favorite color that they are seriously passionate about, one that perfectly captures their spirit, then read on. We’ve got ideas on what to buy gifts in our luxury gift shop guides in soft, sophisticated, subdued colors: pink, white, grey, black, earth tones and metallic. Of course, you might find a couple of things here that you want for yourself, too. That’s totally allowed. Enjoy the season!

best fashion, accessories and home décor in sage green, the official color of the year for 2022

12 Sage Green Style Options to Celebrate the Iconic Color of 2022

The votes are in, and it’s unanimous: the leading luxury paint brands have decreed that a soft shade of sage green is the color that best captures the zeitgeist of the year 2022. Of course, each brand has a different name for this grey-green hue. For Benjamin Moore, it’s “October Mist.” For Farrow and Ball, it’s “Breakfast Room Green.” Call it what you like, here are 12 of the best sage green style options in fashion, accessories and home décor in homage to the leading paint brands’ official color of the year for 2022.