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artistic artist-designed face masks for COVID 19

The Most Stunning Artist-Designed Face Masks Right Now

Now that many of us are going to be wearing a protective face mask whenever we leave home for the foreseeable future, some of us are exploring how to make them work with our overall style sensibility. If you’re among the multitudes of people looking for a way to turn this necessary new accessory into a way to express some style and personality, read on. Previously, we shared our top picks of the chic luxury designer fashion brands producing protective face masks. Now we investigate the most stunning artist-designed statement face masks available to the general public right now. In addition to a personal style statement and a functional protective layer, many of these face masks designed by contemporary artists are artistic works that poignantly memorialize this devastating era of COVID-19.

CONNECT, BTS global public art sponsorship

CONNECT BTS is a Stunning Art Project You Have To See

Musicians and artists are natural allies, and every now and then something truly brilliant occurs when the two meet. A happy collision of that type is unfolding right now in 5 cities – and it has already resulted in some new world records. South Korean K-pop band BTS has provided funding for a global public art project – called CONNECT, BTS – on a truly impressive scale. Have a look at what the seven-member band is doing to bring something new and beautiful into the world.