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The 8 Best Luxury Designer Consignment and Resale Sites of 2022

Looking for sustainable and affordable luxury items? Want to be a part of the circular fashion economy? Shopping and wearing vintage items is a great way to achieve those goals – and since its spring cleaning season, you probably have a pretty good idea about what needs to go, what gets to stay, and what you want to add to your closet in the coming weeks. You can easily sell or discover vintage luxury treasures online. The RealReal and Rebag are among the many options available for online shopping for pre-owned designer fashion and accessories. Our ace fashion correspondent Jillian Tangen profiles them. Here are the best luxury designer consignment and resale sites for handbags, jewelry, shoes and clothing right now, including The Real Real, Rebag and more.

These 5 chic color palettes are what to wear in February 2022 for work, off-duty, working out and date night.

5 Winter Chic Fashion Color Palettes to Love for February 2022

Are you staring into your closet and wondering what to wear in February 2022, dear reader? We’ve got ideas and style inspiration on what to wear in February 2022 for work, off-duty adventures, chilling out on the weekend, date night and winter vacation. These 5 winter chic fashion color palettes will help you decide what to wear in February 2022 – and see you all the way through to spring.

what to wear to look winter chic in January

35 Winter Chic Designer Fashions to Love for January 2022

Now that the new year is here and the late December lull is a distant memory, it’s time to get dressed for real again. Are you staring into your closet and wondering what to wear in January 2022? We’ve got ideas, style inspiration and expert advice on what designer fashions are perfect to wear in January 2022 to be winter chic at work, off-duty, while working out, on date night and even on a much-needed beach vacation. Here’s a hint: resistance is futile, so let’s just embrace the winter blues.