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what are the top trends in designer denim jeans to know this fall 2020?

What Are the Trends in the Best Designer Denim This Fall?

It’s that time of year. Fall fashion season! We’ve been covering what you need to know about luxury fashion for the new season, including the top overall trends, the handbags of the moment, what to do about face masks, and more. Next up: jeans. What are the trends in the best designer denim this fall? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has curated  a list of what to buy when it comes to the best fall designer denim trends this fall 2020 season.

the best fall face masks to buy right now

The Best Chic Luxury Fall Face Masks to Buy Right Now

The typical fall fashion shopping narrative generally has one or more of the following elements: sweaters, leather jackets, boots, jeans, a trench coat and a wool skirt. This year, though, the essential fall fashion element is a face mask. As jarring as it may be, we say don’t let a face mask get in the way of a good time! We’re embracing these necessary new accessories, and coordinating our outfits so that they’re just another element of our overall look. Our in-house stylist Julie Chang Murphy has five key fall trends, shown in multiple ways, with masks to match. Yep, these are the best chic luxury face masks to buy for fall.

what are the best online sites for back to school shopping for kids clothes, shoes and supplies this year?

The Best Online Sites for School Shopping This Year

Ready or not, here it comes: back to school shopping. And now more than ever, it’s a lot easier to find apparel, school supplies, sneakers and everything else your kiddos need online. But what are the best online sites for back to school shopping this year? Our ace correspondent Jillian Tangen has rounded up a dozen great options – luxury online shopping sites with chic and sustainable kids clothes, shoes and school supplies. Whether it’s in a classroom or online, it’s still possible to start the new school year on a high note.