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Expert tips from pet parents on what you need and what you need to know before adopting a new puppy, including timing and essential supplies

11 Expert Tips on Not Going Berserk When you Adopt a New Puppy

The purchase and adoption of “pandemic puppies” has definitely been a Thing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re tempted to bring home your own little bundle of joy, having seen your friends and family do so successfully in the past 18 months, here are some tips from recent and experienced puppy parents that you need to know. We just brought home an adorable puppy last month, and these are the things we wish someone had told us! Eleven expert tips from pet parents on what you need and what you need to know before adopting a new puppy, including timing and essential supplies.

The best new expensive luxury holiday gifts for dogs and pet parents this year.

The Luxury Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Dogs

What’s the best new luxury holiday gift for the dog (or pet parent) who seems to have everything? Whether you’re looking for the perfect luxury gift for your own dog, or for a dog-loving pet parent in your life, we’ve got you covered. In our luxury holiday gift guide of the best expensive gifts for dogs this year, we’re sharing over-the-top ideas on what to buy. Including stylish designer accessories. Fluffy spots to curl up and rest in. Tasty indulgences and extra-special picks that are truly one-of-a-kind. Any one of these is sure to generate some extra puppy love this holiday.

What are the Best New Pet Tech Gadgets and Toys?

Luxury technology is not just for humans – it’s for pets, too. The latest in luxury pet tech can help us track of, monitor the health of, feed and entertain our pets. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has rounded up the latest in pet tech – the best tech gadgets, fitness trackers and toys for dogs and cats. Spoiler alert: it’s all about the connected pet.

the best luxury spas and hotels to offer animal therapy

The first time we heard it, we thought it was a joke: goat therapy. Are you kidding? (Pun fully intended). Then one of our team members spent a jolly afternoon at a local farm watching and playing with adorable little kids and goats, and returned convinced that it was a terrific, low-tech and reasonably accessible way to reduce stress and increase our feelings of well-being. Goat yoga is totally a Thing now, and there are wellness programs featuring equines, chickens, sheep, pot-bellied pigs and a host of other animals.