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The Gourmet Restaurants in the World Inside a Prison

Can fine dining be a force for good in the world? Happily, some people are committed to trying to make it so through social gastronomy. Recently, we read about a compelling idea that seems to be spreading. Gourmet restaurants inside prisons around the world, where the inmates staff both the kitchen and the front of the house. And casual eateries where the staff is comprised of ex-convicts. Intrigued? Here are 10 gourmet restaurants around the world that are inside prisons, or that are staffed largely by formerly incarcerated individuals.

News to Know in Fine Dining June

News to Know in the World of Fine Dining this June

Every month, our Food Editor Nicole Douillet shares her top headlines from the world of food and wine. In this edition, she’s sharing the news you need to know in the world of fine dining this June. Curious about the big events in the world of food and drink this month? Click here. And for the latest in restaurant tech, click here.

best food at performing arts venues

best restaurants in the world in performing arts venues

Is it actually possible to find fine dining and brilliant music, opera, dance or theatrical performances in the same place? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has uncovered the best restaurants in the world in performing arts venues. So you don’t have to rush – your dinner is just steps away from your show at these world-class eateries in concert halls around the globe. What could be more luxurious than that?