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the best movies about American politics and politicians

The Best Movies about American Politics and Politicians

You may have heard that this is a Presidential election year, dear reader. And even if you’re not a political junkie glued to cable television, you may find that a viewing marathon of movies with political themes is in order. After all, film can sometimes be a clearer and sharper window into our collective history than the daily headlines. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of the best movies about American politics, politicians and political campaigns. Curious about which films give us the most insight into the political process in America? Read on.

Best in Pop Culture January

The Best in the World of Pop Culture This January

The Dandelion Chandelier Entertainment Calendar showcases the best in the world of pop culture in January. The notable new movies, TV shows, plays and podcasts in January 2020. Plus new drops and tours launching in new pop music, and the top music festivals in January 2020. For the full January 2020 Luxury Calendar, click here. And for a list of fantastic new books being published in January 2020, click here.

the top 10 best films of the decade

Our Picks for the Best Films of the Decade

As we say goodbye to the 2010’s – The Teens? – it’s time to reflect on the top 10 movies of the past decade. It’s a tough job, given how many outstanding films graced the big screen. But our expert correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has waded into the fray. Here are our picks for the best films of the decade that’s now drawing to a close.