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the best new holiday movies and TV shows of 2020

The Best New 2020 Christmas Specials and Movies

After months of social distancing,  a Christmas or holiday movie marathon would be an excellent way to at least relax and get in the holiday spirit.  After all, one of the best micro-luxuries of the holidays is an evening of heartwarming movies, hot chocolate and chill. So what are the best new holiday movies and TV specials this year? Our expert on all things cinematic, Abbie Martin Greenbaum, has curated a list of the best new 2020 Christmas and holiday movies and TV specials to watch and stream for this year’s movie marathon.

luxury calendar of events in the world of fashion, culture the arts and more in December 2020

The Luxury Calendar: Best 25 Events in the World of December

Our Luxury Calendar provides a comprehensive overview of the top events unfolding around the world every month. Some are micro-luxuries (like a really good book) and others are on a grand, epic scale. Personally, if schedules and money were no object, and we could do anything we’d like, here are our top picks for the best luxury events and experiences in the world in December 2020. Consider it your luxury calendar of the can’t-miss events in fashion, art, music, sports, travel and culinary arts in December 2020.

the best movies in the spirit of Veteran's or Armistice Day

What are the Best Movies in the Spirit of Veteran’s Day?

As Veteran’s Day – or Armistice, Remembrance or Poppy Day – approaches on November 11, it can sometimes be difficult to slow down and take the time to honor the spirit of the day. It’s in the middle of the long stretch of the holiday season, with plans to make, errands to run and shopping to do. Generally not a time of the year that’s conductive to reflection and remembrance of loss. And yet. Making the time to do so honors not just those lost to war – it reminds us of the heavy burden being borne by some of our fellow citizens each and every day, right now. How can we make space for a sober tribute – no matter how quiet and private – on Veteran’s Day this year? We can visit a memorial or a museum.  We can read a poem or a book. Or we can watch an iconic film. Our resident cineaste Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of the 1o best war movies to watch on Veteran’s Day …