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The sleep drinks and waters that best aid sleepiness, including teas, herbals, sleep shots, and melatonin and magnesium infused beverages

The 10 New Drinks That Promise Easy Deep Sleep

To sleep, perchance to dream . . . is one of your 2021 goals to get more shut-eye? A plethora of brands are eager to lend a hand, and our correspondent Lindsey Graham has assessed one of the newest categories of entrants to this field of dreams. Sleep-inducing drinks – also known as “sleep drinks” or “sleep waters” – are The New Thing. Here’s the rundown on the 10 new sleep drink beverages that promise to help you fall into an easy and deep sleep, including teas, herbals, sleep shots, and melatonin- and magnesium-infused beverages. And what could be more of a luxury than that? To drift off to the Land of Nod easily – no matter what manner of stressors 2021 has in store.

What are the Best Luxury Hot Chocolate Brands in the World?

What are the Best Luxury Hot Chocolate Brands in the World?

It’s hot chocolate season! No matter how you may feel about cold weather, snow and ice, surely all of us can greet the arrival of hot chocolate season with good cheer. And if you’re ready to level up your winter beverage game, what are the best luxury hot chocolate brands in the world? Our ace correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has answers on where to buy the 12 best gourmet mail-order brands of luxury hot chocolate online right now. Any of these would be a perfect gift – for a loved one, or for yourself. Because these days, a delicious winter warm-up is not a luxury, dear reader  – it’s a necessity!

The best food, wine and craft beer events and new cookbooks in March 2020.

The Best in the World of Food and Drink this March

The Dandelion Chandelier Luxury Food and Drink Calendar highlights the best in the world of food and drink, including food and wine festivals, craft beer festivals, and wine auctions in March 2020. Here, you’ll find luxurious events in food, wine and spirits and craft beer all over the world. Plus new March 2020 cookbooks! For the full Luxury Calendar for March 2020, click here.

19 raw oyster bar edgartown martha's vineyard

The Best Restaurants on Martha’s Vineyard: 19 Raw

Heading to Martha’s Vineyard soon? Yep, us too. One question we get all the time is about this pressing matter: what are the best restaurants and places to eat on Martha’s Vineyard?  We’ll share some of our favorites from time to time. Without question, 19 Raw Oyster Bar in Edgartown is a restaurant that should be on your list of where to eat on Martha’s Vineyard the next time you’re there.