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The best books of poetry to give as gifts right now

The Best Poetry Books to Give as Gifts Right Now

When the going gets tough, the tough turn to poetry. Even if you’re only an occasional reader of poems, there are times when they seem to be one of the few forms of writing that actually offer solace and insight. But which poetry books are most calming and helpful to reduce anxiety and restore a sense of purpose in difficult times? If you’re in a place where you need soothing, inspiration and flights of imagination – or you’re seeking a gift for someone who is – this list is for you. These are the best books of poetry to give as gifts when only a poem will do.

The Best Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her This Year

Valentine’s Day is drawing near, and you know what that means, dear reader. Valentine’s Day Gift time for your girlfriend, wife, crush object, mom, BFF, etc. Looking for the perfect romantic gift for her? We’ve rounded up lots of ideas to help you win the day with something she’ll love that’s just a little bit unexpected. No cliches this Valentine’s Day! Here are our top picks for the best luxury Valentine’s Day gifts for her this year.

The best books and best essays about romance to give as Valentine's Day gifts this year

The Best Books for Valentine’s Day Gifts This Year

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your book-loving beloved? Or maybe you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day, and you’re in search of something to get the party started. Sweet, silly, soulful or snarky, there’s a book for that. From love poetry to essays about romance, from humor and stories about dating to the science of desire, these are our picks for the best books to give as Valentine’s Day gifts this year. 

Luxury Chinese New Year gifts 2020

The Best Luxury Gifts for Chinese Lunar New Year 2020

January 25, 2020 is the start of the Lunar New Year in Chinese culture. It’s the Year of the Rat, which may make finding the perfect luxury gift seem a bit daunting. Fear not, dear reader! Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has a curated list of the best luxury gifts for the 2020 Lunar New Year, and an overview of gift giving etiquette rules for Chinese New Year.