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The best beauty, fragrance, gourmet food or wine and spirits luxury advent calendar 2021

25 Luxury Advent Calendars of Every Kind to Love this Holiday 2021

Part of the fun of holiday 2020 is all the Advent Calendars that have a little treat for every day from December 1-25. Whether you’re looking for beauty, fragrance, gourmet food or wine and spirits, there’s a luxury advent calendar out there to suit you for holiday 2021. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has rounded up the 25 best luxury Advent Calendars for adults this Christmas holiday 2021.

Holiday Gift Shop 2021: The Best Gifts in Personal Fitness

What’s the best luxury gift for the person who is extremely active and serious about fitness, whether they prefer a home workout, the great outdoors or a socially distanced return to the gym? Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy (who teaches kick-boxing in her free time) has the answers. Here’s our luxury gift guide for what to buy this holiday for those who are serious about fitness, whether their passion is hiking, yoga, running or working out in their home gym. And hey – you might want to buy a couple of these for yourself, too!

How to Make This Year an Eco-Friendly Green Holiday

8 Easy Ways to Celebrate the 2021 Holidays with Eco-Friendly Green Tips

‘Tis the season to be ever-green! What better time than the winter holidays to commit to an eco-friendly celebration? Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has done the research, and she’s sharing easy tips and answers for those who are wondering how to make 2021 an eco-friendly green holiday this year, including the best sustainable trees, gift wrap, lights, home décor and more.