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the best luxury suitcase to buy right now

With leisure travel season upon us, now is the perfect time to revisit a previous post about the best luxury suitcases. Your luggage creates a strong first impression on your fellow travelers; the people you seem to always randomly run into at the air terminal; the hotel staff; and even the private jet crew.  You wanna travel like a boss? Bring the right gear. Besides, a great suitcase just makes traveling more fun – and what better time for fun travel than now? To ensure that you’ve got the latest info on strong, smart, and chic luxury luggage, here’s a short rundown on what’s new since our last post.

How to Make a Last-Minute Luxury Holiday Gift Special

Procrastinators of the world, your time is now. You need a luxury Christmas gift that feels special that you can buy at the last minute. The key to it all is one simple word: personal. Not necessarily personalized – personal. For next year, you can check out our list of customized and bespoke luxury holiday gifts that require up to 16 weeks of lead time to produce. But that’s for another day. Let’s deal with the situation before us right now.

Luxury Legends: Can Rodeo Drive Measure Up to the Hype?

Rodeo Drive. The very words make the heartbeat of any devoted luxury shopper of a certain age accelerate. Long before Net-a-Porter there was Rodeo Drive: a magical boulevard with a median strip lined with palm trees and flagship boutiques for every designer and fine jewelry brand worth knowing about. Birthplace of so many iconic movie scenes about shopping: Clueless, Pretty Woman, Sex and the City – The Movie. The stuff of dreams. Fast forward to today, when retail is “dead,” everyone shops online, and direct-to-consumer is the way to get rich quick if you’re a purveyor of luxury goods. Is Rodeo Drive still relevant? Is it still fun? Or has the party moved on?

Escape Elegantly: Best Luxury Suitcases to Buy Right Now

There’s a great deal of change underway in the luxury luggage category right now. With year-end vacations looming and holiday shopping underway, we here at Dandelion Chandelier thought that this would be the perfect time to test-drive some roller bags, test the IQs of the latest round of “smart” suitcases, and help you make your great escape in style, whether you’re headed for the sand or for the snow.

Can True Luxury Actually Involve Sharing?

I will never forget the first time someone asked me the question (it was circa 1990). My husband and I had just arrived on Martha’s Vineyard, and we ran into a fellow Harvard Law School grad. After the usual air kisses and humble brags about work, she asked when we had arrived on the island. And where we were staying. Then came “The Question”: Do you rent or own?