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the best fashion and outfits for a day in New York City

The Best Fashion for a Perfect Day in New York City

When we are once again free to roam, many of us are keen to spend a splendid day (or much more) in New York City. Literally roaming. And of course, a jaunt through the city requires a cute outfit or two. Wondering what to wear for your next visit to New York City? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy, New Yorker and style expert, has curated a list of chic #OOTD’s and inspiration for the best fashion and outfits for a perfect day in New York City, no matter where you roam.

What are the best Buys now on the Luxury Resale Sites?

What are the Best Buys Now on the Luxury Resale Sites?

What are the best buys right now on the online luxury fashion resale and vintage sites like The Real Real and Rebag? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has curated a list of the best items to shop (and perhaps buy) on the online luxury resale and vintage fashion sites for a great summer look, or a great gift. It’s our online resale consignment shopping list for summer 2020.

A fashion insider takes on the new NFL team uniforms

A Luxury Fashion Insider Takes on the New NFL Uniforms

Every year, a percentage of the NFL’s 32 teams redesign their uniforms. And then fans and the sports press weigh in on their stylishness. This year, we decided to join in the fun. Our ace fashion correspondent and luxury insider Julie Chang Murphy assesses the latest crop of new NFL team uniforms, and sees parallels with high fashion. No, seriously. She really does.

how to wear an on-trend luxury brooch

How to Wear one of the Chic On-Trend Luxury Brooches

Brooches have made a comeback, and they’re showing up in all kinds of places that you might not expect to see them.  But how do you wear one of the chic on-trend luxury brooches without channeling a “grandma” or “Queen Elizabeth” vibe? (Unless that’s what you’re after, of course).  Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the rundown on the most creative ways to style and wear a brooch right now.