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best recipes to easily repurpose your leftover Halloween candy this year

12 Best Recipes to Easily Repurpose your Leftover Halloween Candy

Once the fun of trick-or-treating is over, and the first round of gobbling up favorite sweets is done, there’s a pressing question that arises in many households on November 1 or thereabouts: What are we going to do with all this leftover Halloween candy? Not the more dire issue of our day, but if like us you don’t want to contribute to food waste, it feels right to find alternatives for the candy corn, gummy worms and mini candy bars that populate our homes after the big night. If you’re similarly inclined, our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of the 12 best recipes to easily repurpose your leftover Halloween candy this year.

13 Boozy and Mocktail Drinks Perfect to Serve for Halloween 2021

You’re hosting a Halloween party this year – have you figured out what people are going to drink? In 2021 that’s trickier than it used to be. Lots of people are doing Sober October. Others are devoted craft beer drinkers. And the traditionalists just want a good laugh and a good glass of red or white wine (or champagne). Fear not, dear host. We’ve curated a list of 13 deliciously spooky booze and mocktail drink options that are party perfect for Halloween 2021. Red and white wine, craft beer, champagne, cocktails and mocktails – these are the best drinks to serve for every kind of Halloween party, including one for families with kids. All of these are pre-packaged, so no mixologist needed (although you will need a corkscrew). All you have to do is put most of these on ice and guests can help themselves. Because who has time to make Halloween punch when there’s a costume party to pull together? And trick-or-treating to do?

easy and clever last-minute costumes for adults perfect for every kind of Halloween 2021 party

7 Easy Costumes Perfect for Every Kind of Halloween 2021 Party

What you are going to be for Halloween this year? No idea? Us, too. It’s becoming a pressing issue, as the Halloween party invitation have already started arriving, and trick-or-treating night is just around the corner. What’s clever and funny and an easy Halloween 2021 costume to pull together using normal clothes and minimal makeup? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of 7 easy and clever last-minute costumes for adults perfect for every kind of Halloween 2021 party. Ready to raid your closet (or maybe the closet of a close friend or relative), dear reader?

best places to buy a Halloween costume for adults this year

Where to Buy the Best Luxury Halloween Costumes This Year

Who are you going to be for Halloween this year? Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala 2021? Your favorite member of the Bridgerton cast? Simone Biles at the Tokyo Olympics? Ted Lasso? Tough call. The best idea we’ve heard so far is dressing up as that guy who couldn’t remove the cat filter on Zoom in a court appearance and insistently repeated “Your honor, I am not a cat!“ Anywho, the only thing we’re sure of is that we need to find a world-class costume shop, since we’re not capable of DIY’ing this one. But where to find the best luxury Halloween costumes this year? We went in search of the best luxury Halloween costume shops at retail and online. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has the rundown on the best places to buy a luxury Halloween party costume this year.