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Everything You Need to Know in Anticipation of the Met Gala 2022
The first Monday in May is nearly upon us, and you know what that means: the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum annual fundraiser. Aka The Met Gala! Red carpet looks to coo over, fashion faux pas to pick over, and a general sense of beauty, fun and sparkle that for some is like opening gifts on Christmas morning. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has rounded up a fact sheet of everything you need to know in anticipation of the Met Gala 2022, including the theme, the hosts, the expected attendees and much more. The headline is that this year is all about "Gilded Glamour." Grab the champagne and settle in. This is gonna be good.
Best Photos of the Met’s Poignant “About Time” 2020 Fashion Exhibit
The first Monday in May 2021 has come and gone with no glamourous over-the-top Met Costume Institute Gala. Ugh! The good news is that this fall there will be a modified event. And the Mother of Them All is scheduled to return in May 2022. In the meantime, we've shared our favorite gowns from galas past. And now we're sharing our best photos of the poignant and haunting "About Time: Fashion and Duration" 2020 exhibit at The Met in New York. Whether you saw it and want to relive it - or missed it due to the Great Lockdown - it was one of the most moving and beautiful of all. Here are some of highlights.
9 Stunning Gowns from the Red Carpet at Past Met Galas
The first Monday in May is the zenith of fashion life in Manhattan. That's because every year that's the night of the over-the-top fabulous Met Gala. Coronavirus robbed us of the fun of it for 2020. And in 2021, the event will happen in more subdued fashion this fall. To hold us over until next May, we're doing a throwback. Our correspondent Meredith Lepore is sharing her edit of the 9 most stunning gowns and best looks from the red carpet at past iterations of the Costume Institute Gala at the Met Museum in New York. Imagine what they'll do next time!
The 9 men setting the luxury fashion bar at Golden Globes 2021
What can we learn about men's style from this year's Hollywood awards shows? Specifically, the men's fashion at the Golden Globes? Our ace correspondent Tomas White has taken a close look at the style and fashion choices of the male stars on the virtual red carpet at the Golden Globes, and he's found some stunning hits and some unfortunate misses. Here's our take on the 9 men setting the luxury fashion bar at the Golden Globes 2021.
The Best of the Spring Summer 2021 Haute Couture Shows
The haute couture shows in Paris are meant to be the stuff of dreams, and even the global coronavirus pandemic couldn't stop them from weaving their magic spell. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has a summary of our top picks of the best of the spring summer 2021 haute couture shows in Paris, including looks from Fendi, Iris van Halpern, Dior, Valentino and Chanel.
Where to Find the Best Bespoke Luxury Suits for Women
Boss ladies and power women of the world, take note: hand-made and well-crafted bespoke British tailored suits are not just for men! Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the top British tailors on Savile Row in London, where you'll find the best luxury bespoke custom tailored suits for women. Here's how to find a chic tailored suit that's custom-made just for you.
Chic White and Ice Win the Best of the Oscar Red Carpet
The 2020 Oscar red carpet parade was more subdued than in years past. There was a great deal less "frippery," and fewer enormous princess tulle dresses. The vibe was sleek and sophisticated for the most part. What caught our eye? The coolly elegant white and silver frocks. Snow, ice, winter white and diamonds - what could be more glamorous for a winter awards show than that? Here are our top picks of the chic white and ice ensembles that were the best of the 2020 Oscar red carpet.
The Best Looks from Valentino Spring 2020 Haute Couture
Paris Haute Couture Week in January is one of our favorite fashion moments of the year. Usually held just a few weeks before the Oscars, it's both a chance to revel in the gorgeous gowns and pantsuits. And also to speculate about which ones will end up on the red carpet in Hollywood in short order. Our favorite of all is the work of Pierpaolo Piccioli at Valentino. Here are our picks for the best looks from the Valentino spring summer 2020 haute couture collection show.
The Best Films about Luxury Fashion
Fashion and film are the perfect pair. They meet in runway shows, at film festivals and on Hollywood red carpets. But our favorite mind-meld between fashion and film is in movies about luxury fashion designers, fashion models, fashion magazines and shopping. Our film expert and correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum shares our list of the best films about luxury fashion. 
The Best Makers of Couture Millinery in the World
It’s hat season! No, not wool fedoras and ski hats and beanies. The season for ornate, whimsical, structured, romantic millinery - for spectacular special occasion and race day hats. A hat for Easter, and spring and summer weddings. Something brilliant for the Kentucky Derby, Ascot, and the Central Park Conservancy Hat Lunch in New York. Plus garden parties, graduations, outdoor concerts and more. But where to find a chic chapeau that will signal confidence and creativity - not kookiness? We’ve rounded up the best makers of couture millinery in the world. Here's where to find the perfect special occasion hat for you.
celebrate the best sustainable fashion on the red carpet
Some of the best gowns during Hollywood awards season this year were eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. The red carpet green dress phenomenon shows no signs of stopping. To help spread the word and encourage participation the many efforts underway to make the red carpet more green, we're celebrating the best sustainable fashion on the red carpet in recent months.
The best luxury fashion and design events this February
The Dandelion Chandelier Calendar for Luxury Fashion and Design highlights our top picks for the best luxury fashion and design events this February 2019. These are the art auctions, antique shows, art fairs, design shows, and fashion and beauty events that you need to know about. For the rest of the Luxury Calendar, click here.
The Best Of The Spring Summer 2019 Haute Couture Shows
The haute couture shows in Paris are meant to be the stuff of dreams. In Paris this week, in addition to beauty, there was also a clear acknowledgement that women need clothes that are striking, strong, interesting - and wearable. How do you dress for a black-tie event like a boss lady? Here's how. These are our top picks of the best of the spring summer 2019 haute couture shows.
the best of the red carpet from the golden globes 2019
What style lessons can we learn from the best of the red carpet from the Golden Globes 2019? Yes, we hear those of you who feel that fashion is not the most important area of focus during Hollywood awards season. We don't disagree - we get it. Film awards are about culture and art and power and who gets to decide what's good and worthy of note.  But no matter where you come out on such weighty issues, the red carpet can be a master class on how to make your daily fashion choices communicate precisely the message you intend. Plus, they're fun! So let's have a look at the best of the red carpet from the Golden Globes 2019.

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