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What makes a good host or hostess gift?

The Luxury Gift Guide: The Best for Host and Hostess

Many of us are venturing out in the coming weeks to visit dear friends and family members. And in many cases, we’re crashing at their homes. Which is all cool and good, as long as we arrive with a lovely and thoughtful gift in hand. To help ensure that we all get invited back, our correspondent Jullian Tangen has a curated list: our ultimate luxury gift guide of the best host and hostess gifts out there right now.

how to wear an on-trend luxury brooch

How to Wear one of the Chic On-Trend Luxury Brooches

Brooches have made a comeback, and they’re showing up in all kinds of places that you might not expect to see them.  But how do you wear one of the chic on-trend luxury brooches without channeling a “grandma” or “Queen Elizabeth” vibe? (Unless that’s what you’re after, of course).  Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the rundown on the most creative ways to style and wear a brooch right now.

the best investment pieces in designer luxury fashion apparel, accessories and fine jewelry

The Best Investments in Luxury Accessories and Apparel

Looking for something to invest in besides the stock market? Turns out that the best designer luxury fashion accessories – including fine jewelry – and apparel can be reasonably sound investment vehicles. But how to invest in luxury designer accessories, fine jewelry and fashion apparel in a smart and informed manner? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has done the research, and she’s sharing a list of the best investments for your money in the world of designer luxury fashion accessories, fine jewelry and apparel.

the best statement silk scarves right now

How to Stay Safe and Chic: Keep Calm and Put a Scarf On

What are the best luxury statement silk scarves to invest in, now that we all need to be able to cover our mouths and noses at a moment’s notice? And how do you style a square silk scarf so that it looks fresh and modern? Which statement designer silk scarves make the best gifts right now? We’ve got answers. Bottom line? Here’s how you – and perhaps a gift recipient- can stay safe and chic in this coronavirus era: keep calm and put a statement scarf on.

which designer luxury handbags are the best investments?

Which Luxury Vintage Handbags are the Best Investments?

Looking for something to invest in besides the stock market? Fashion to the rescue. It turns out that a luxury designer handbag can be a sensible investment. But as with any other asset class, you have to do your homework first. How to properly invest in designer handbags that will ultimately perform on the resale sites? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the 10 best buys for your money in luxury vintage designer investment handbags.