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The ultimate luxury gift guide for kids of all ages

The Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Kids

Shopping for a gift for the kids in your life can be among the toughest of tasks. Figuring out what’s age-appropriate, fun, and perhaps containing a wee bit of educational content is sometimes a Herculean task. And if it’s not your own child you’re shopping for, add an additional layer of complexity in figuring out whether Mom and Dad will love the gift as much as their offspring do. Not to worry, though. Our intrepid correspondent (and mother of three) Jillian Tangen is sharing the best luxury gifts for kids of all ages right now. It’s our ultimate luxury gift guide of over-the-top big ideas for babies, toddlers, big kids, tweens and teens. All parent-approved, of course.

the best mail-order luxury gourmet layer cakes online to buy by mail

The Best Luxury Layer Cakes to Order by Mail Right Now

Sending a birthday cake or a gorgeous layer cake for the holidays can be a fantastic luxury gift. Or even just an excellent micro-luxury for you to arrange for your own delight. If you’re all in on this idea, what are the best luxury layer cakes to order by mail? Our ace correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of the 10 best gourmet mail-order layer cakes to order online right now for birthdays, holidays and parties. Forks in the air!