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How to do an easy luxury kitchen makeover yourself

Style Inspiration for an Easy Luxury Kitchen Makeover

Mandatory social distancing was the nudge we needed to finally clean up and de-clutter at home. Now that the underbrush has been cleared out, we find ourselves with the insatiable desire to redecorate. Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is sharing mood boards to guide us; she previously tackled bathroom makeovers. This time, she’s got savvy advice and inspiration on how to achieve an easy do-it-yourself makeover of a luxury kitchen, with no structural change or professional contractor needed. So grab a hammer, and let’s go!

how to decorate luxury home or office with faux and real house plants

How to Decorate with the Best Faux or Live House Plants

Plant love is spreading, and the Great Lockdown has made many of us even more keen to decorate our work and living spaces by adding greenery. Some are ready for plant parenthood – and some (that would be us) are not quite there. Either way, there are easy solutions at hand. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has a primer on how to best decorate your home or office with either faux or live house plants and other greenery.

the best luxury fake faux flowers plants and flower arrangements bouquets

Can the Best Luxury Faux Flowers Actually Look Real?

Some of us are just not ready to be plant parents. Or even to tend to fresh flowers on a regular basis. We admit it: we don’t know what we’re doing, and we don’t have time to learn. But the idea of cheesy-looking fake florals makes us cringe. Is there a solution? What are the luxury faux flower and plant brands that actually look real? Our ace correspondent Jillian Tangen is sharing her curated list of the best artificial flowers and plants to add color and texture to your luxury home or office decor.