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What are the Best Luxury Headphones for Traveling?

Ready to resume traveling? Then you need an excellent pair of travel-ready headphones. Known by serious audiophiles as “cans,” headphones are a must for an optimal air travel experience, whether you’re flying commercial, sharing a private jet with a number of other people, or kicking it mogul-style alone on your own jet. No matter how luxurious your plane, it’s still going to be noisy. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has rounded up the most stylish headphones, the most expensive headphones and the most durable headphones. All in all, these are the best luxury headphones for traveling.

how to travel the world with scandinavian style suitcase outerwear brands

The Best Luxury Brands to Travel in Scandinavian Style

Love Scandi style? Yes, we do too. And turns out that there are some really cool Scandinavian brands that make travel gear perfect for your next trip to the Nordics. We know it may be a while, but some day we’ll be free to roam again. And now, we’ll be ready! Our correspondent and expert on all things Scandinavian, Jillian Tangen, has curated a list of the best luxury Scandinavian travel and apparel brands, including suitcases, sunglasses, outerwear and more, so that you can travel the world in Scandinavian style the next time you head out. 

The best chic hair accessories for spring summer 2020

It’s Easier to be Chic With the Right Hair Accessories

Whether you’re on vacation, or a long business trip, or on a mandatory WFH stretch thanks to COVID-19, you don’t have to give up on glamour just because there’s no professional hair salon available. In fact, the silver lining of having to do your own hair for an extended stretch is that you’ll see that it’s easy (or at least easier than one might think) to be chic with the right hair accessories. Here’s some of the best on-trend hair jewelry, scrunchies, barrettes and scarves for spring summer 2020.

How to Pack for Davos: What Insiders Wear at the WEF

It’s that time of year again: the annual convening of the World Economic Forum kicks off in Davos, Switzerland soon. If you don’t already have an email in-box full of party invitations, you should definitely start working the phones right now. If your diary is already full, then your challenge is what to bring with you. Need to know how to pack for Davos? Here’s the truth about what insiders wear at the WEF.