how to talk baseball like an expert on opening day 2019

It’s the surest sign of spring there is. Yes, that’s right. Opening Day for Major League Baseball. But how to talk about sports with a baseball fan if you’re only an occasional observer? Our correspondents Vincent and Michael Thomas, a father-son team of avid and knowledgeable baseball fans, are sharing their annual preview of the season. They’ve got expert tips on how to talk Major League Baseball like an expert on Opening Day 2019. Batter up!

How to get the most out of Attending SXSW This Year

Heading for South by Southwest (SXSW) in March? Our correspondent Lillian Pontius-Goldblatt shares everything she learned during her first visit. And the things she wishes someone had told her before she went. Here are her inside tips on how to get the most out of attending South by Southwest (SXSW): what to pack for SXSW, how to schedule your time, and what to do while you’re in Austin.

shut the duck up: how to get out of your own way

Work can be a minefield when it comes to interactions with your boss, your peers and your team members. One of the toughest challenges can be silencing your own self-doubt. For Power Up, our expert – executive coach Malvika Singh – shares her tips about how to get out of your own way and perform at your highest level. She’s sharing practical advice on how to shut the duck up.

what are the best luxury headphones for traveling?

Traveling a lot? Then you need an excellent pair of travel-ready headphones. Known by serious audiophiles as “cans,” headphones are a must for an optimal air travel experience, whether you’re flying commercial, sharing a private jet with a number of other people, or kicking it mogul-style alone on your own jet. No matter how luxurious your plane, it’s still going to be noisy. We’re rounding up the most stylish headphones, the most expensive headphones and the most durable headphones. All in all, these are the best luxury headphones for traveling.