What are the Best Luxury Headphones for Traveling?

Ready to resume traveling? Then you need an excellent pair of travel-ready headphones. Known by serious audiophiles as “cans,” headphones are a must for an optimal air travel experience, whether you’re flying commercial, sharing a private jet with a number of other people, or kicking it mogul-style alone on your own jet. No matter how luxurious your plane, it’s still going to be noisy. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has rounded up the most stylish headphones, the most expensive headphones and the most durable headphones. All in all, these are the best luxury headphones for traveling.

3 Ways to Make Yourself Absolutely Indispensable at Work

3 Ways to Make Yourself Absolutely Indispensable at Work

The best piece of career advice we’ve ever received is this: “Make yourself indispensable. After that, you can do whatever you want.” That may be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but there’s a lot of truth and wisdom in there, too. If you want to keep your job – and climb the ladder to the top of the leadership pyramid – you need to be irreplaceable, mission critical, core to the operation. But how do you  do it? A group of experienced women and men in business share the secret of success: the 3 ways to make yourself absolutely indispensable at work. Life hack: this works at home, too.

Luxury Gift Giving Etiquette for the Chinese Lunar New Year

Luxury Gift Giving Etiquette for the Lunar New Year

One quarter of the world’s population is preparing to celebrate the Lunar New Year. And that means that it’s time for buying luxury gifts! Whether you’re shopping for someone at the office, a client, or a friend, there are a few things you should know. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has a simple set of guidelines to share to ensure that your gifts are on-point. Our guide to gift giving etiquette rules for Chinese Lunar New Year shares the “rules,” traditions, bad-luck gifts and symbolism you need to know to ensure that your presents generate joy and delight in each of your recipients.

Expert advice about the best products for remote workspaces so you stay organized while working from home

Our Expert on the 6 Best Tools for Working From Home

The new year has dawned, and yet many of the elements of our daily lives are still exactly the same. Like, working from home appears to be the norm we’ll be living with for at least another few months. So if you’re one of those people still using a broom closet at home as your “temporary” office, or the kitchen table as a desk, it might be time to level up and get organized. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has interviewed an expert for advice on office and workspace organization tools and tactics when working from home. She’s sharing tips and product recommendations on the best remote workspace tools to help you stay organized while working from home this year.

What You Need to Know Now About Giving Gifts at Work

What You Need to Know Now About Giving Gifts at Work

Whether it’s a luxury holiday gift, a birthday present, an anniversary or wedding gift, or even a “just because” everyday present, the etiquette rules of gift giving are difficult to master. But no worries. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy, trained anthropologist and savvy gift-giver, breaks it all down for us in our ongoing series, luxury lessons: the gift giving etiquette we all need to know. Wondering about the etiquette of gift giving in a business setting? Here’s how to give the best holiday business gift at work to clients, employees and even the boss.