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how to book a private jet, including charters, jet cards, memberships.

The Best Ways to Book a Private Jet for Your Next Big Trip

Getting from point A to point B right now is more complicated than ever. With local and national travel restrictions in a constant state of flux, COVID-19 flare-ups in many parts of America, and severely reduced commercial air capacity worldwide, the complexity of planning an important business trip or a safe family vacation is seriously daunting. Some of our friends have managed to take to the sky, though. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has assessed the state of private aviation, and she has the answer to this pressing question: What are the best ways to book a private jet for your next big trip and which companies are best? Here’s everything you need to know about the private aviation market right now, including charters, jet cards, memberships, and fractional ownership.

how to host a party at home with safe social distance

How to Host the Best Party at Home with Social Distance

Summer entertaining season has arrived, and yet we all have an obligation to maintain safety protocols in this era of COVID-19. So there are a bunch of new rules on how to host a party these days. Is it possible to be safe and still have fun? Not to worry. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the tips we all need on how to host the best party at home while maintaining safe social distance.

how to decorate luxury home or office with faux and real house plants

How to Decorate with the Best Faux or Live House Plants

Plant love is spreading, and the Great Lockdown has made many of us even more keen to decorate our work and living spaces by adding greenery. Some are ready for plant parenthood – and some (that would be us) are not quite there. Either way, there are easy solutions at hand. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has a primer on how to best decorate your home or office with either faux or live house plants and other greenery.

how to have a mosquito-free outdoor party

How to Make your Next Outdoor Event Mosquito-Free

A glamorous summer evening party under the stars. It sounds like a dream, right? Unfortunately, a swarm of pesky uninvited guests that can turn the whole thing into a nightmare. What’s the secret to making your outdoor living space bug-free? Our intrepid correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has done the research, and she’s sharing some environmentally-friendly ideas on how to get rid of mosquitoes. Here’s how to make your next outdoor event mosquito-free. 

what are the best online learning classes for adults?

What are the Best Online Learning Classes for Adults?

Online schooling is not just for kids! One of the trends that emerged early in the coronavirus pandemic lockdown was adult learners seeking out ways to educate and enrich themselves while working and sheltering in place at home. It’s a phenomenon that seems to have staying power.  But what are the best online learning platforms for adults? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the 10 best online learning classes, platforms and educational websites for adults, including art class, music instruction, academic lectures and more. Time to get smart, dear reader.