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Why “Gorpcore” May be the Best New 2021 Fashion Trend Yet

What is “Gorpcore,” and who is it for? The hot fashion trends for 2021 are becoming more clear, and most are the direct result of life during lockdown for COVID-19. From “ath-flow” to “gorpcore,” there’s a whole new way to dress for work and play right now. One of them is the confluence of camping and street style. Looks that go from the office to the Great Outdoors. Our correspondent Funto Omojola has done the research. And she’s sharing what you need to know about the “gorpcore” luxury fashion trend (also known as hikingcore and “camping chic”); top brands and expert stylist tips on how to wear gorpcore.

10 looks that channel the signature style of Dr. Jill Biden

10 Cool Fashion Looks in the Signature Style of Dr. Jill Biden

What will First Lady-Elect Dr. Jill Biden wear to the Inauguration ceremony, and to the virtual Inaugural Ball later that evening? It’s impossible to know, but if you want a few clues – or if you just want to channel her look in your own wardrobe – read on. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated an edit of 10 cool fashion looks from American designers in the signature style of Dr Jill Biden, including tailored jackets, dresses, outerwear and off-duty looks. If you want to be stylin’ like Biden, here are 10 iconic options to get you started.

What are the best brands for luxury faux fur and shearling coats this season?

The Best Luxury Faux Fur Brands in the World

More and more global luxury brands have announced their decisions to go fur-free. As fall arrives and temperatures drop, we’ve assessed the new options in faux leather jackets, and now we’re turning our attention to faux fur and faux shearling. What are the best luxury faux fur brands in the world right now? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has rounded up eight designers and brands that are at the sustainable fashion forefront in fur, along with the faux fur and shearling coats to have on your list this season.