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the best luxury events in June

Top 10 Picks in the World of Luxury June 2019

Our Luxury Calendar provides a comprehensive overview of the top events unfolding around the world every month. Some are micro-luxuries (like a really good book) and others are on a grand, epic scale. As we polish off our research we always dream a little dream about the entries that most intrigue or excite us – the ones we most passionately want to be a part of. If schedules and money were no object, and we could do anything we like, here are our top picks in the world of luxury experiences and events in June 2019.

luxury events in june

The Luxury Calendar: Best Events in the World in June

The Dandelion Chandelier Luxury Calendar is a curated list of the best events in the world in June 2019. Whether your passion is Travel; Food and Drink; Planes, Yachts and Autos; Fitness and Sports; Fashion and Design; Entertainment; or The Arts, we’ve got you covered. Want to know what to do in June to have amazing luxury experiences all month long? Read on.

The Most Important Social Events in New York in Spring

A genuine Manhattan socialite has an invitation to an important event every night, pretty much all year ‘round. But for the mere mortals among us, choices must be made. With an unlimited number of possible charity galas, fundraisers, concerts and benefits of all kinds, which are the ones that draw the true crème-de-la-crème of business and philanthropy in New York City? Meaning, which are the ones that are must-attend? And we hear you hard-working, high-achieving types sighing and saying: Why do we need to know this? Because, dear reader, if you want to run with the big dogs, it helps to know where they are.