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how to celebrate a luxurious Lunar Chinese New Year

How to Celebrate a Luxurious Lunar New Year Every Year

Over 1.5 billion people celebrate Lunar New Year each year. The festivities range in location from China and Singapore to South Korea and Vietnam. And of course, in the cities in the West where there is a large population from Southeast Asia. Which made us wonder: how do you celebrate this momentous global holiday in style? Here’s how to celebrate a luxurious Lunar New Year, including what to know about luxury gifts, where to travel, what you need to know about food, drink, traditions and more.

photos of the new Moynihan Trail Hall in New York City. Copyright Dandelion Chandelier LLC.

First Light at the Stunning Moynihan Train Hall in New York

New York City is a dazzling, electric metropolis. Yet for almost 60 years, arriving in Gotham on an Amtrak train would make one believe they’d just entered a drab, unkempt city with no ambition to be anything more. New York Penn Station is many things. But soaring and inspiring, it’s not. But with a new year has come a new look. And now the West Side of Manhattan has an arrival (and departure) hall to rival the glories of its crosstown neighbor Grand Central Station. We’re sharing photos of first light at the stunning Moynihan Train Hall in New York City, including the contemporary art and the food and drink options. Spoiler alert: it’s a space worthy of the magnificent city it represents.

The 12 Best Snowboarding Luxury Resorts in the World

The 12 Best Snowboarding Luxury Resorts in the World

Lots of people ask about the best places for a ski vacation in America or in Europe, and we’ve shared our insider’s guides on both of those pressing matters. But what are the best places for a luxury snowboarding vacation? You know, places with great terrain parks, monster half-pipes, a chill vibe and respect (not resentment) for the sport. Our intrepid correspondent and long-time snowboarder Lindsey Graham shares her research on the 12 best places in the world to find luxury snowboarding resorts. Ready to ride?