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best places in the world to celebrate st. patrick's day

10 Surprising Places Best in the World to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a joyful time, and it can also be a perfect time to take a mini-vacation. But where to go? The top trips have some historic or thematic tie to the holiday, and a luxurious hotel to stay in, and at least one fantastic party, or parade, or wild bacchanalia. Good food and drink are preferred, but not required. If money is no object, and you can get away for a few days, here’s our surprising list of the 10 best trips to the top places in the world for a vacation to celebrate Irish heritage and Saint Patrick’s Day this year.

how to celebrate a luxurious Lunar Chinese New Year

How to Celebrate a Luxurious Lunar New Year Every Year

Over 1.5 billion people celebrate Lunar New Year each year. The festivities range in location from China and Singapore to South Korea and Vietnam. And of course, in the cities in the West where there is a large population from Southeast Asia. Which made us wonder: how do you celebrate this momentous global holiday in style? Here’s how to celebrate a luxurious Lunar New Year, including what to know about luxury gifts, where to travel, what you need to know about food, drink, traditions and more.

The best luxury hotels, manor houses, castles and estates for a stay in the UK countryside

What are the Best Luxury Hotels in the UK Countryside?

For serious fans of Bridgerton, Downtown Abbey and The Crown, a weekend away in the English countryside manor is the stuff of dreams. Luckily, there are several seriously luxurious places to stay in the bucolic and beautiful rural areas of the UK. And many of the region’s beloved classic properties have been updated with all of modern luxury conveniences, too. So if you’re looking to get out of the major cities in Britain, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to explore some the rustic charms of the country life, what are the best luxury hotels in the UK countryside right now? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has the answers. Here’ are the most luxurious places to stay in rural areas and best luxury hotels, manor houses, castles and estates in the English and UK countryside.

The 12 Best Bakeries in the World for a Luxurious Cake

What are the best bakeries in the world for a luxurious cake? Whether for a wedding, special birthday, or just an everyday luxury, a gorgeous delicious cake is an instant mood booster. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has rounded up a list of the best cakes, bakers and famous cake bakeries in the world, including New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and more. Forks in the air! It’s time to eat cake like a boss.

The Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide: the Best from the U.K.

The Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide: the Best from the U.K.

What are the best holiday gifts from British luxury brands for those on your list who can’t get enough of the U.K. (and can’t get to the U.K. this holiday season)? We went straight to the experts for answers. Our friends at the 5-star luxury hotel, The Beaumont in Mayfair, London, have curated a list of smart, fresh, elegant and luxurious gift items for all. Herewith, our ultimate luxury holiday gift guide for Anglophiles – the best gifts and brands from the U.K. for those who love London and all things British.