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best Christmas decorations in London this year 2019

The Best Christmas Decorations in London This Year

If you’re dreaming of London during the holiday season, but can’t make it there in person, why not take a virtual vacation? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has rounded up photos of the best Christmas decorations, displays and lights in London this year, from the 2019 holiday store windows to luxury hotels to Christmas trees. here’s a glimpse of a sparkling city decorated beautifully for the holiday season. In our spin around the best Christmas lights in London, unlike in a Dickens tale, there are no ghosts. Just the beauty of Christmas Present.

the best winter wonderland festivals of snow and ice in the world

The Best Winter Festivals of Snow and Ice in the World

If you’re a member of Team Snow, and planning to embrace all that winter has to offer, you may be wondering where to find like-minded people. What are the best winter festivals of snow and ice in the world? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy put on her favorite puffer jacket and investigated. Here’s how to find the best winter wonderlands this year.