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the best books about luxurious wedding dresses

A wedding dress is so much more than an article of clothing: it’s a symbol of romance, purity, commitment and joy – a fantasy of what life will be and a timeless manifestation of childhood dreams coming true. Traditionally, at the end of every haute couture fashion show, the final look is a spectacular wedding gown. The bridal dress holds pride of place even at the highest levels of design – which makes understanding its history and evolution worth any fashion maven’s time and attention (even those who aren’t hopeless romantics).

Where is the Most Luxurious Romantic Place in the World?

Paris? Venice? Hawaii? Santorini? You’ve heard of them all, and perhaps you’ve even been to them all. They’re undeniably romantic, and it would be extremely hard to declare one as clearly superior to the others – after all, determining “the most romantic place” is highly subjective, and in our experience is wholly dependent on one’s companion (the aisles of a supermarket can be intoxicating if you’re with the right person).

Best Luxurious Restaurants for a First Date in the US

You’ve met someone interesting. You’ve worked up the courage to invite them out for a proper, grown-up dinner date. Now you face the hardest part of the entire process: selecting the right restaurant. No pressure, but a bad choice here could make the odds of a continued conversation with the object of your affection a lot longer (we actually believe that if it’s meant to be, one bad date is not going to wreck you, but why roll the dice on that? You could laugh about it later, or just get it right the first time.)