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What's the best luxury camper van, microbus, or weekender van for a road trip right now?

What’s the Best Luxury Camper Van for a Cool Road Trip?

In a summer when lots of people are uncomfortable with the idea of commercial air travel, and lots of countries are off-limits for American tourists, it’s no surprise that the road trip is the new European Grand Tour. It may be like this for a while, and this New Normal demands a re-think of our go-to modes of transportation. If you’re ready to hit the road, renting an RV is certainly an option. However, a more photogenic choice would be buying or renting a camper van, the smaller and more adorable cousin of the luxury recreational vehicle. If you’re considering buying or renting a new or vintage camper van, microbus, or “weekender” for your summer vacation, what’s the best luxury camper van for a cool road trip right now?