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How to Get the Best Internet and WiFi Access, perhaps via a hotspot, while Working Outdoors

How to Get the Best Internet Access Working Outdoors

Since work-from-home and work-outside-the-office seem poised to become long-term (maybe permanent) features of our existence, we think it’s time to get schooled on how to ensure that we can get our work done from the great outdoors. Whether it’s our backyard, a rooftop terrace, our favorite beach or a tent in the mountains, how can we access the internet effectively and find a WiFi hotspot when working outdoors? Our ace tech correspondent Tomas White has answers.

top black interior designers to know right now

Who are the Top Black Interior Designers Right Now?

Wondering who the most influential African-American interior designers are right now, and how to find an exceptional black design professional for your next project? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has done the research, and now she’s sharing the names and recent work of the top black interior designers to know right now.

What are the best luxury globes for sophisticated home decor?

The Best Luxury Globes Now for Sophisticated Home Décor

A universal symbol of adventure and curiosity, and potentially of human connection, we love artisanal luxury globes as an essential element of office or home décor. They make wonderful gifts, especially to mark a significant life event or the conclusion of a marvelous trip. Here’s our curated list of the best brands of luxury globes in the world right now that double as sophisticated home or office décor,  including desk, floor and bespoke hand-crafted models. Let’s go!