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Luxury Gift Giving Etiquette for the Chinese Lunar New Year

Luxury Gift Giving Etiquette for the Lunar New Year

One quarter of the world’s population is preparing to celebrate the Lunar New Year. And that means that it’s time for buying luxury gifts! Whether you’re shopping for someone at the office, a client, or a friend, there are a few things you should know. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has a simple set of guidelines to share to ensure that your gifts are on-point. Our guide to gift giving etiquette rules for Chinese Lunar New Year shares the “rules,” traditions, bad-luck gifts and symbolism you need to know to ensure that your presents generate joy and delight in each of your recipients.

how to book a private jet, including charters, jet cards, memberships.

The Best Ways to Book a Private Jet for Your Next Big Trip

Getting from point A to point B right now is more complicated than ever. With local and national travel restrictions in a constant state of flux, COVID-19 flare-ups in many parts of America, and severely reduced commercial air capacity worldwide, the complexity of planning an important business trip or a safe family vacation is seriously daunting. Some of our friends have managed to take to the sky, though. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has assessed the state of private aviation, and she has the answer to this pressing question: What are the best ways to book a private jet for your next big trip and which companies are best? Here’s everything you need to know about the private aviation market right now, including charters, jet cards, memberships, and fractional ownership.

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Luxury Lessons: What You Need to Know About Caviar

We all know that caviar is a quintessential luxury item, prized for generations by aristocrats and celebrities the world over. But there’s a lot more to know if you’re planning on hosting or attending a party or special event where caviar will be on the menu. Like, what are the best kinds of caviar? Here’s an introduction – our Caviar 101. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy provides a quick luxury lesson on what you need to know about caviar.

why to drink rosé wine for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays

The Top Reasons You Should be Drinking Rosé This Holiday

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or any number of other holiday meals or parties, one of the pressing questions every year is what wine to serve. You can always go with the tried and true. But what about something different this year? We decided to go straight to the source. Our Food Editor Nicole Douillet has a surprising suggestion for your holiday events: rosé! It may represent the idea of endless summer – but you can happily drink rosé year-round. Here are the top reasons you can – and perhaps should – be drinking your favorite rosé this Thanksgiving, and throughout the holiday season.